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We’re almost at the end of this summer season. Mahouka is starting to rush things out to finish its plot in time for the finish line, and it’s really a good result, but much better to read the novel translation on Baka-Tsuki. Captain Earth had an expected plot twist with Puck. Argevollen had its best episode to date. Aldnoah Zero too, probably. Sword Art Online II is suffering from the opposite of Mahouka:¬†they’re dragging it when they shouldn’t.

Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei ep 24

This was so rushed. Like jumping everywhere without too much explanation.

The Yokohama battle started for real, and most of the gang (well, all the close friends of Tatsuya, plus the important high school students) now knows he is a special officer under Major Kazama. He was also “unlocked” by his sister. More overpowered Tatsuya incoming.

This episode had kids killing adults; welcome to Mahouka, where magicians are just weapons.

Erika fighting
Erika cutting people’s jugular with fashion

Captain Earth ep 24

Bugbear, why? You’re just a bit depressed, no reason to go all, “I’m going to kill humans because I failed to protect one.” That’s some screwed logic, actually. Still, you should be happy now, you lost your Ego Block and you are now just a badass normal, or you can hate Siren to have fixed that little problem for you.

Daichi is the captain, but Akari is giving all the orders. Pirate Formation for the win! The Kill-Tgang’s ship is ultra weird; it doesn’t really look like a ship in itself from the inside.

All Kill-Tang against two guys is a bit too much, I think. Amarok was going to give Daichi, Akari and Hana Ego Block, but Daichi didn’t like the proposal one bit.

The end was awesome, the planetary gears realizing they were used like tools by Puck. Wouahahahahahaha. Puck’s ambition: install himself in each and every living thing in the Galaxy.

Argevollen ep 12

Reika Nanjou. That’s the episode title and it’s all about how Reika died. It’s also about her friendship with the XO and Leader of Unit 8. She was a Trail Kreiger pilot, a special Trail Kreiger pilot.

Her goal was make an army where nobody dies. In other words, a robot army controlled by one person’s mind. Or if you prefer, pre-Argevollen systems. There is probably something special¬†about Reika and her brother. Also, the mental stress is bad, bad, bad.

Reika's mecha
Girly Mecha pilot do strange things

Reika went crazy in the end. She was mentally controlling seven units and lost control. She sort of commited suicide by mind-controlled robots. That was quite a sad ending.

Aldnoah Zero ep 11

This is what you call strategy.

The crazy plan was to have the princess deactivate the Landing Castle Aldnoah drive. It was a gamble, that the humans lost, sorta. But the Deucalion makes a really awesome ramming ship.

Now I wonder what happened to Rayet, though. The princess’s aid should have ended up with Slaine, because they were in the same area. But Rayet stayed back to provide cover against Martian Kat in a poor Terran mecha. She’s going to win, because Rayet…

I also wonder who’s going to get the Tharsis.

Sword Art Online II ep 11

Good lord, the fan service in this episode. It even gives Kirito a flash of brilliance when trying to understand Death Guns. That’s how bad it is.

That’s really creepy to have a dude watching over you in your room while you are deep diving in a game. Also, a panic attack being the only way to auto-logout of a game. Awesome!

This episode felt a bit like they were trying to pace the story too much. Lots of re-hash about the story.

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