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Captain Earth and Aldnoah Zero ended this week. Mahouka has one more episode to go. Argevollen had a break, well, a recap episode, and Sword Art Online is staying for the fall. Luckily for me, this fall season seems to be a big one, so I’ve got plenty to choose from to replace the ending shows.

Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei, Ep 25

This was somewhat rushed, by that I mean we got just little glimpses of the fight and most of the dialog was skipped. The show spent too much time on Masaki, who isn’t even an important character.

Although, it is somewhat interesting that the group of Mikihiko, Miyuki, Erika, and Leo is stronger than Mari, Kanon, Kei, Kihihara, and Mibu. Those teams were badly split out.

One more episode until the end. There might be a second season; after all, there is enough material for another 26 episodes in the published novels.

Captain Earth, Ep 25

The End.

This was a crazy ending. Puck installed himself into Hana…this resulted in Evil!Hana. Which was sort of awesome, but existed for too short of a time.

The KillTGang sacrificed themselves, too. Well, they destroyed their Ego Block and became humans. This was somewhat of a rushed ending, so we have no idea what happened to them beyond we are all stuck here now.

EvilHana kissed by Daichi
Love solves everything.

This wasn’t a bad series, but it suffered from pacing a bit. The ending was especially rushed.

Argevollen, Ep 13

Recap episode.

Aldnoah Zero, Ep 12

The End (until next winter for season 2).

After this episode, I hope that Slaine gets a totally atrocious death before the second seasons is done. What an asshole. A stupid jealous asshole.

Sleezebaum was awesome has usual. The baiting of Slaine because he missed his head was just cool. Too bad that he’s probably dead. Inaho was also awesome as usual. Too bad that he’s probably dead. The princess was stupid, though. Too stupid.

Sleezebaum asking to be headshot
Sleezy baiting Slaine was the best this episode.

Hopefully the next season has more Rayet. She’s the perfect foil for Slaine, who can’t be a “hero” with what he did in this episode.

Sword Art Online II, Ep 12

Lots of talking in this episode.

Asuna made it to the Kirito’s hospital bed, along with phone-Yui, who is like a GPS, hacker, and other things all in one.

Kirito had a nice conversation with Death Gun. He told him that he knew who it was doing his killing, his answer was laughing. See, Kirito doesn’t know his name, so he can’t tell who he is to the cops, and they can’t find who he is.

Still, this arc probably lasted longer than it should. One more episode for the end of GGO, if we are lucky.

Fall shows

We get a new Gundam show that might be good. It’s made by the Gundam Seed director: Gundam: G no Reconguista.

The same group that did Fate/Zero are remaking (somewhat) Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works. This should be totally awesome.

Also, Psycho-Pass 2 comes back with its second season. I’m really anticipating this one.

There are a few others that might be worth my time, but I might not have the time to keep up with them. Those three above I’m sure to watch, though.

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