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Yes, This Open Thread Would Like to Continue Watching

It’s my day off, I don’t need your judgement, Netflix.

Why did it take me a million years to discover that Criminal Minds is amazing? It has everything a crime procedural show-lover could want. A predictable formula, interesting characters, and the BAMF known as Penelope Garcia, who is very likely one of my favorite characters ever. There are nine seasons available, so of course, I started from the pilot, and I may or may not have spent two days last week and all day today binge-watching. (Just kidding, I totally did.)


So, Persephoneers, how is everyone’s week shaping up?




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My week is shaping up as follows: **YAWN** Whaddya mean it’s only TUESDAY????

Yes, CM is a great show, but I will say that some episodes are not for the faint of heart. And if you happen to be on pain killers (as I was most of last week), then difficult episodes turn into seriously effed up dreams. (But at least one featured Morgan adopting a puppy he named Wookie…. ) At any rate, I love Garcia and Reid.

Okay, first of all let’s talk Criminal Minds. Why do I watch this show? Why is it so good? Why can’t I stop? Why is all media everywhere a cesspool of violence against women? Why do I still love procedurals? I DON’T KNOW. But I just want to snuggle everyone on Criminal Minds faces and tell them good job and keep loving each other.

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