31 Days of Halloween

31 Days of Halloween — Day 10, A Bunch of Parties You Wouldn’t Want to Go to, and One You Might

We’re celebrating our 4th birthday here at P-Mag today. While I’ve been a part of Persephone from almost the beginning, my 31 Days of Halloween series didn’t start up until a year into our run, when I figured it was safe enough to ask the other editors to indulge my love of the weird, spooky, and creepy. 

Parties aren’t the safest of destinations in horror films — while you’d think there’d be safety in numbers, really, they’re just an excuse for the villain to have access to a number of nubile young bodies to dispatch in entertaining and appalling ways. If you discover you’re living in a horror fiction universe, seriously think about turning down your invitation to the next shindig, but be very careful not to insult the host when you do. You never know who the murderer is going to turn out to be.

Turn Down:

Club openings hosted by Pinhead:

Hellraiser 3 -- 1992
Hellraiser 3 — 1992

Invitations to birthday parties for child TV stars:

Happy Birthday to Me -- 1981
Happy Birthday to Me — 1981

Invitations to birthday parties for a cat:

The Sentinel 1977
The Sentinel — 1977

See, even the guest of honor doesn’t think it’s a good idea:


Birthday parties for the anti-Christ:


Raves in cornfields:

Freddy vs Jason -- 2003
Freddy vs Jason — 2003

Dinner parties at haunted mansions:

House on Haunted Hill -- 1999
House on Haunted Hill — 1999

High school sex parties:

Cherry Falls -- 2000
Cherry Falls — 2000

Cherry Falls(1)

Sleepovers at that Michael Myers’ house (best case scenario):

sleepover fun

Sleepover parties at anyone’s house:

Slumber Party Massacre - 1987
Slumber Party Massacre — 1987

Events on sorority row, even if you’ve got some really bitching accessories for your dress:

Night of the Creeps -- 1986
Night of the Creeps — 1986


Hell Night -- 1981
Hell Night — 1981

May Day parties:

The Wicker Man -- 1973
The Wicker Man — 1973

Valentine’s Day parties:

Valentine's Day -- 2001
Valentine’s Day — 2001
My Bloody Valentine -- 1981
My Bloody Valentine — 1981
My Bloody Valentine -- 2009
My Bloody Valentine — 2009


Any party at this guy’s house:

Rocky Horror Picture Show -- 1975
Rocky Horror Picture Show — 1975

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