31 Days of Halloween

31 Days of Halloween — Day 30, Synthetic Shadows

Cassandra Panek of Synthetic Shadows is a suburban Philadelphia based photographer and artist. During the month of October, Panek has been producing a fantastically awesome Halloween-themed portrait series. She has shared some selections from her series, as well as some thoughts on her process, with Persephone Magazine. – Slay

“The Halloween portrait series began with a self-portrait titled ‘The Ringleader,’ and at first it was going to be all self-portraits in different costumes just to get some makeup practice in for the shoots when I don’t have one available. Within an hour of posting it to social media, I had friends calling asking if they could come over for Halloween portraits. Then models, then inquiries from strangers. Some of the subjects did their own styling and makeup and others put their finished product entirely in my hands, but most of them have been fun collaborations with the creative people in my life. They’ve been a fun departure from regular client work, most of which centers around being polished or pretty or sexy, and I’m tempted to not shelve the series until next Halloween, and just keep developing it.” – Panek

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Zombie Model Brynna

Model/MUA: Brynna


Witch Model Pesky Suicide

Model: Pesky Suicide


Vampire Model Sassie

Model: Sassie


Vampire Model Faylin Lynx

Model: Faylin Lynx


Mummy Model  Kelly Meissner

Model: Kelly Meissner


Knife Model Cameron

Model: Cameron

MUA/Styling: Cassandra Panek


Viking Model Brian

Model: Brian

MUA/Styling: Cassandra Panek


Ringleader Model Cassandra Panek

Model/MUA/Styling: Cassandra Panek


Clown Model Shawn

Model: Shawn

MUA/Styling: Cassandra Panek

And while this last portrait isn’t from the Halloween series, but is instead from Panek’s own wedding, we included it for its themeliness.

wedding portait

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