Persephone Birthday

Birthday Giveaway: Ethiopian Scarf

For Persephone’s birthday celebration, I am offering an Ethiopian scarf. It is new. It is made of Ethiopian cotton. Like many Ethiopian scarves, it has a very, very slight sheen to it. It is in muted, autumnal colors — soft orange/red, green, and gold with knotted ends in a soft taupe. It feels substantive but not heavy. It is rectangular.


This scarf would be especially useful for someone who sometimes looks in the mirror and realizes that they look a little grim or cheerless. The soft glow given off by the scarf would quickly add some warmth and interest, without being overwhelming.


If you are already comfortable with your style, thank you very much, you probably can envision this scarf fitting nicely into your wardrobe. You probably have a whole array of ways to wear it, too.

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By Moretta

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