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Birthday Giveaway: Fairy Dust aka Aromaleigh Mineral Eyeshadow

I swear it’s like magic dust.

Three baggies of different purple eyeshadows on display
These are the sample sizes for Aromaleigh’s stuff. Shown are Surveillance Status, Recreational Scolding, and Fleeting Impression from the Brilliant deductions collection, which came out as a purple-tinted smokey look.

Lately I’ve been getting more into eye shadow than I was before, specifically into mineral shadows. I really like Aromaleigh Mineral Cosmetics, not just because they are hand formulated by a fellow Autistic Femme (though I admit that’s what tempted me into my first try!) but because of the quality. Some are shimmery, some are bright, some are barely there colors great for work. I even found out, admittedly through a look that didn’t come out as intended, that they have some blues that actually pop green eyes because of the way that undertones and shimmer were used.

If you are a bit of a nerd, which I’ll cop to, there’s also that a lot of the collections are inspired by either ancient civilizations (the Ancient Magick collection, one of my recent purchases and now on clearance pricing, was inspired by ancient Egyptian art; another recent purchase was Okeanides, inspired by the daughters of Oceanus) or by popular culture (Ever in Your Favor is also on clearance and is inspired by The Hunger Games, and the aforementioned blues came out of the Brilliant Deductions collection, inspired by Sherlock.) There’s even a Hannibal-inspired collection. Personally I’m looking forward to the Saturnalia-inspired collection coming out this holiday season as well.

Pale heavy redhead in an orange sweater wearing a variable orange eyeshadow set
Aromaleigh Mineral Cosmetics Ever in your favor collection in Theatrical Melodrama, Treaty of Treason, and Initial Bloodbath. Came out a lot better than I expected, super brilliant!

These shadows are loose powder and do require a base to stick to. You can use whatever you please — I’ve used neutral eye shadow pencils, actual Lancôme primer, and even spit for these purposes. Different bases give different results, so a little experimenting might be in order. The issues I’ve had with the Lancôme primer has been it isn’t sticky enough to get the sort of POW effect I prefer in my shadows, for instance.

Because of how much I’ve been enjoying my foray, this Persephone Magazine Birthday I’m giving away either:

  • Two full sized pots of eyeshadow of your choice OR
  • 10 sample sizes of eyeshadow of your choice

Basically when you win, you’ll be asked to send me your shipping address and your picks, and I’ll order them for you. (If you are getting samples and the total comes out to less than $10 pre-tax+Shipping because you picked something on sale, pick a couple extras because otherwise you’ll end up with extra samples of Neurodivergent until the price gets above $10.)

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