Dispatches from Ladyblogland

Dispatches from Ladyblogland

So much to read!

Badass lady of history, Ada Lovelace.

Whose booty is this?

Who’s your mama: An academic essay about race and adoption. Racialicious

Oh no they didn’t.

Consent isn’t complicated, y’all.

Respectability politics don’t help anyone. Crunk Feminist Collective

What if every character in every Thomas Hardy novel got an abortion? The Toast

How would you react if you shook Hillary Clinton’s hand?

Something about that whole Snoop Dogg/Iggy Azalea Twitter war. Clutch Magazine

Are black women having a culture moment? (And shouldn’t it just be all the moments?) For Harriet

A comprehensive list of clothes that women shouldn’t wear. Buzzfeed

A brief history of racist moral panic over disease. Jezebel

A bunch of sex workers walk into a conference about human trafficking… Tits and Sass

How cosmetics companies get away with pseudoscience. Pacific Standard

Meet the queer Ferguson organizers. The Feminist Wire

What did you read this week?


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As someone who remembers ONTD from back when it was a new thing, the people trying to deny that these young women have claim- even in the Clutch’s comments!!!- bothers me. A LOT. Some of them are claiming some basic misunderstandings of how livejournal/blog hosting works, but. DAMN. I’m ~Riled up~ about this. Yes, it was seen as slightly seedy in my corner of fandom, the same way watching TMZ or any gosssip rag was. And we still all went there, because they actually covered actors we cared about when the mainstream ones didn’t. They had all the scoops. This was a minor but important part of our lives back then. And it has continued to be for a lot of people. So this is… horrible in a more personal way than usual.

On the abortions in fiction thing… the Gone with the wind thing. wow, but… true.

The one on the sex workers going to an anti-trafficking conference was powerful.

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