Five Marvel Characters Who Should Get Their Own Film

The Internet was abuzz this week do to two big rumors/announcements regarding Robert Downey, Jr. and rumors surrounding casting of Doctor Strange. RDJ announced he would make a fourth Iron Man. It is also speculated that he will join the cast of Captain America 3 in what would be the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s “Civil War” story line. Marvel films have captivated the film going audience now for a few years running, so it is no surprise they want to expand and make more movies. Doctor Strange has been on the MCU Phase 3 list and was officially announced last year when they started looking for directors. 

While I am all about Captain America 3 because more Black Widow, Falcon, and Winter Soldier are good things, I feel that there are plenty of characters that Marvel who could carry awesome feature films. If you can succeed making a moving with a talking raccoon and a talking tree, I think you can succeed at anything. I want a Dazzler movie but Fox owns those rights.

1. Kamala Khan (Ms. Marvel)

The New Ms. Marvel is fucking awesome. She is a teenage Pakistani-American, practicing Muslim from New Jersey. The writer of Ms. Marvel, G. Willow Wilson has done a great job exploring teenage life in the 2010s. Wilson’s exploration of faith through the young Khan and her family makes the book really well-rounded. Kamala developed her powers after some power-causing mists were released on Earth, and she now has the ability to shapeshift. She took up the name Ms. Marvel in honor of Carol Danvers who has become Captain Marvel (and is most likely headed to the MCU soon). Marvel should use Kamala because she is the new Peter Parker, a young teenager with unlimited powers and a moral compass.

2. Miles Morales (Spider-Man)

If you want to use Spider-Man and you don’t own the film rights to Peter Parker, why not use the kid who took over for Peter in the Ultimate universe? Miles did not want to be a superhero at all even after discovering his powers which were the result of a spider bite (because parallels). When he was first announced as the new Spider-Man, racists got all up in arms because a black Latino kid can’t be Spider-Man. What do we tell our white children blah blah bullshit. Miles’s dad’s mistrust of superheroes has given some good quality stories over the comic arc especially after his dad found out he is Spider-Man. I only wish they could have gotten him in a movie before Captain America 3 because one of the most poignant moments of “Civil War” was Peter Parker revealing who he is to the entire world via press conference.

3. Marc Spector (Moon Knight)

Because the Batman Marvel expy is fantastic. Moon based weaponry? Check. Moon based puns? Check. Marc Spector believes he is the avatar of an Egyptian god named Khonshu destined to wreak vengeance on anyone. Marc is suffering from years of psychological abuse due to his time as a mercenary. Likely, Moon Knight could make a great Netflix show like they are doing with Daredevil or Heroes for Hire.

4.  Jennifer Walters (She-Hulk)

Ruffalo is good as Hulk, but a superhero legal movie? Please sign me up. I would totally watch a She-Hulk movie where she defends superheroes or villains while fighting crime. I always appreciated how smart most of the writers have written Jennifer.

5. Doreen Green (Squirrel Girl)

Guardians of the Galaxy succeeded, so why couldn’t an Earth-based comedy superhero flick succeed? I think Squirrel Girl needs a standalone film, if only so I would break my record of seeing a film 13 times in a theatre to see it 14 times in a theatre. Cast Anna Kendrick or Aubrey Plaza and it’s fucking gold. Get Paul Feig to direct.

I believe that we will see a Black Widow and a Captain Marvel film in the next five years. I really want Wasp to be in movies, but Marvel already pretty much said no to that.


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6 replies on “Five Marvel Characters Who Should Get Their Own Film”

BOO HISS at the whole idea of them using Civil War for Cap 3. SERIOUSLY. it wouldn’t work in MCU as is, it would have to be a bit different as we have seen CA fight unmasked in public and you KNOW someone took a cell pic or vid. It just wouldn’t work! I know Chris’s contract is up after so we MIGHT get to see a different character take on the shield. (Bucky? SAM??? both have in the comics at different points.) As much as I’ll sob my (likely themed) eye makeup off in the theater I can see them killing/time jumping/sending away Steve Rodgers. But I REALLY hope we don’t get Civil War. REALLY HOPE.

Squirrel Girl would be really fun, but she’s so tied up in the X-man thing IDK if we will get her in the MCU.

Ms. Marvel, though, would be amazing.

Savannah, Squirrel Girl’s rights are owned by Marvel for movie stuff because she was created in a non X-Men book.
Wolverine being one of the few exceptions of X-Men created in non X-Men Books that Marvel does not own the film rights too.

I actually feel like four of the five of these would lend themselves a lot better to TV shows…maybe all five, really. Ms Marvel and Miles in particular would be great, and if you add them to a Young Avengers show (cameos from Hawkeye of course) they could easily fill a Netflix line up. Teen Wolf style. With an Asian American Kate Bishop and an African American Teddy, if you add Robbie Reyes you have an entire cast rich with queer young people and POC. Again…Teen Wolf’s success here is something to learn from and build on.

And Moon Knight and Jennifer Walters would be pretty easy to introduce in the Dare Devil TV show, or the Jessica Jones one.

I think one of the big take aways from TV and movies in the past few years is that when you’re looking for diversity and in-depth explorations of character, there’s just more room for it in TV right now. Fiege isn’t budging, and there’s no reason to operate in the increasingly limited factory that the MCU has created in movies, you know?

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