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Lunchtime Poll: Radio at Work

People can be incredibly invested in which channel they want or don’t want to listen to. It baffles me, until I have to listen to Dutch country crooners with an Amsterdam accent.

Do you have a workplace with a shared radio or do you work in (blessed) silence? Are you okay with pretty much every channel or do you have radio channel standards?

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I work from home so can listen to whatever the hell I want but when I tried working for another person, she would put on freaking rush limbaugh and then used the fact I’d wear head phones at those times as a sign I was “disrespectful of office hierarchy.” I didn’t comment on her choices, just… put on headphones and listened to something else so I wouldn’t be distracted by my outrage.

Very lucky to work in a private office. (Tiny HR perk) So while we all typically work in blessed silence, I sometimes switch on Pandora or a chilled out playlist on a relaxed day. Boss listens to….electronica/indie, I like my twee indie mixed with Johnny Cash and the White Stripes for variety. My first week here I thought I was alone on a Saturday and yelled at my misbehaving radio, “No! Only Motown today!” And that’s how I really revealed my personality to the office when everyone came around the corner.

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