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New Show Recap: How to Get Away with Murder 1×02, “It’s All Her Fault”

Welcome to another week of How to Get Away with Murder. We need a nickname for fans of HTGAWM. You know how Scandal fans are called Gladiators? We could be…Murderers? No, that’s not right.  We can figure that out later. First, let’s figure out what’s going on with these college kids and this dead body.

This week’s show opens on them arguing over what to do with the body. (Speaking of nicknames, these top students chosen to work with Prof. Keating are now going to be known as the Gold Star Gang although they remind me more of Scooby and his gang.)

Meanwhile, the Professors Keating are at home watching the news about the co-ed whose body was found in the water tank. Was it an accident or was it… murder? *dun dun dun* Mister Professor Keating is awfully quick to point out that any evidence would be destroyed by now. And that look on Mrs. Professor Keating’s face says she knows he knows something.

Now we’re back to Crim Law 101. She’s calling out Mr. Preppy who just may not be who we think he is. She’s implying that somebody’s got some secrets. Or maybe everybody does.

They’ve got a new case this week. The “Dashing Slasher” is a wealthy husband accused of brutally stabbing his wife. Oh, hey, it’s the dude from Wings! Gold Star Gang is taking notes on the crime scene and Dashing is a little too willing to reenact the murder scene with Connor, stabbing him over and over with a pen. Ok, this dude is way too cocky about getting away with murder. Of course he is. He’s rich and he’s white. He won’t go to jail. Hell, he’s practically admitting that he did it. He may as well write a book and call it “If I Did It.”

Teacher’s Pet (that’s Wes) is getting grilled by Prof. Keating who is asking him if the rumors are true about him wishing he wasn’t part of the Gold Star Gang. He assures her that he really, really wants to be there. So she sends him off to get a copy of the police report on the Dashing Slasher murder.

Wes is back at home and the Crabby Neighbor shows up to use his shower and she’s talking to him about some law student named Rudy that lived in that apartment before him. Aaaand there goes the towel. She’s bold.

Flash forward to the night of the murder. (Am I allowed to say who was murdered now? Y’all watched it last week, right?) They are seriously flipping a coin to decide what to do with this body. Ah, but Wes is not the naive little puppy we’ve been led to believe he is. This dude totally lied about the coin so they’re doing what he thinks they should do. They’re going back for the body. Wait, what? Go back for it? They just left a dead body lying around somewhere?

Gold Star Gang is watching the news about the co-ed murder and suddenly Wes realizes he recognizes the victim’s boyfriend. It’s the guy he saw running out of Crabby Neighbor’s apartment last week.

Cut back to the Gold Star Gang going over the Dashing Slasher case. There’s a discrepancy in the arrest report. A hunting knife found on the front lawn wasn’t found by the cop that the report says it was. Busted! And now we’re discussing motive. Only two episodes in and we’ve learned two things: Michaela Pratt uses her brain to get information and Connor uses his sex appeal to get whatever he wants (again).

Ok, remind me who Blonde Lady and the bearded Josh Brolin lookalike are. They’re lawyers working for Keating in her law firm, yes? Bearded Dude picks two students to go help him find evidence. He chooses Prom Queen and Douche Face (his words, not mine.) I have a feeling that Douche Face nickname is going to stick.

Well hello there, Detective Cunning Linguist! He approaches Keating on the courthouse steps. But he’s here for business, not pleasure. He warns her to ease up on the cops that end up on her witness stand. “You haven’t called me,” she tells him. Oh, honey, we’ve all been there. But he ain’t having none of that. “I’m done with your crazy,” he says to her and follows it up with a threat to tell Mr. Professor Keating about every single dirty, nasty thing they’ve done…

Buckle your seat belts, we’re flashing forward again. The rest of the Gold Star Gang is waiting in the car listening to Christmas music while Teacher’s Pet is in the store buying lighter fluid.. .and apparently a burner phone. He’s telling somebody “Don’t worry, we’ll protect you.” Is he talking to Prof. Keating?

Back at Chez Keating, the Mrs. is searching through Mr.’s phone, trying to find anything about or from Lila Stangard, the dead co-ed. She finds an email Lila had sent him saying she was volunteering at a shelter for the weekend, asking if she can turn her paper in a day late.

Back to Teacher’s Pet’s apartment building where he runs into Crabby Neighbor. He asks her about her friend, the football player boyfriend, Crabby Neighbor makes it very clear that she and the victim were definitely not friends. Well alrighty then. I’m sensing some tension there.

I still haven’t learned everyone’s name but the shy, pretty brunette student is trying to confide in Blonde Lawyer Lady but BLL is so not interested. “I look nice, I know. But that’s just my face.”

Now we’re back to the “Dashing Slasher” case. Creepy suspect brings his daughter in so she can testify. Wes walks in and he points him out to the daughter, saying that Wes is the one he was telling her about in the car. “Think of the beautiful babies you two would make.” Ugh. I hate this dude. It’s odd how everyone around him ends up dead — his parents, his first wife…

Back in court and Keating has revealed that Dashing Slasher’s first wife, his daughter’s mother, didn’t die in a car accident. And he didn’t meet Wifey #2 after her death. Daddy’s Girl is pissed that he lied about her mother’s death, and so is Keating.

Hang on, we’re heading back to Chez Keating and they’re arguing. She asks him if he was sleeping with Lila Stangard. Of course he denies it. “Good eye contact,” she says. So when a lawyer and a psychologist are married, who usually wins? Oh, we’re gonna kiss and makeup now? Well that escalated quickly. Wow, that desk in her office sees a whole lot of action.

Now they’re back to the crime scene, trying to prove that even if the client murdered his first wife, he definitely didn’t kill his second wife. Pretty Brunette is piecing it together. Dashing Slasher is a hunter. A man who is a hunter wouldn’t need to stab someone 50-leven times. He’d know how to do it with just one slice. Zoom back over to the courthouse and Keating has him on the stand. He just confessed to killing his first wife! Double jeopardy! Pretty slick move, Keating.

Y’all, these flashbacks make my head spin. They just flipped back to the scene where the Keatings are making up to show Bearded Dude bringing in some report that basically makes her realize that Daddy’s Girl did it.

(I’m trying, Deb!)

Mrs. Professor Keating is digging through hubby’s phone again. Uh oh. The message was deleted. If he’s deleting messages, he’s hiding something. And now Mrs. Professor Keating is ratting out Mr. Professor Keating to her side piece. Look at her getting all emotional around Detective Cunning Linguist then going home and pouncing on hubby. And now we’re seeing some post-coital tears. She doesn’t trust him. Or she’s just missing her other man.

Hold up! Crabby Neighbor just got arrested! According to the local news, she works at a bar where all the college kids go to get their drugs. Hmmmm, remember when she came over to use his shower? Now he’s realizing that she had a pink case with her. He goes digging through his bathroom and finds a phone stashed in the cabinet.

Now some pieces are falling into place. He was calling her on the burner phone!

In true Shondaland fashion, they just left us hanging with a whole lot of unanswered questions! Check back next week and see if we got any answers.

Thoughts on the show so far? From what I’m seeing on Twitter, Wes and his puppy face are a fan favorite, Viola Davis’ wigs are apparently distracting, and Thursday night is the best night for TV.

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