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New Show Recap: How to Get Away with Murder 1×04, “Let’s Get to Scooping”

This week’s episode starts off just like last week’s. Connor, Wes, Rebecca, Michaela, and Laurel are in the office. Remember last week the focus was on Michaela curled into a ball in the corner? This time the focus is on Connor who is losing his mind. Suddenly Asher’s banging on the door. Michaela’s muttering “It’s all my fault.” Hmmmm. How is it her fault? Anyway, Asher has no clue about the murder. He’s just bitching about wanting his trophy back. You know, the murder weapon?

Ok, now we’re flashing back. Connor shows up at Cute Asian’s door for an unannounced booty call. Cute Asian guy thinks Connor might be a sex addict. Ya think? Clearly, Cute Asian is interested in a lot more than just sex.

Flash forward to a bail hearing for Rebecca. Hey, is that Alysia Reiner from OITNB? It is! She’s the DA. So Rebecca’s bail is set at a million dollars. “A million? That’s a lot of lap dances.” Oh hush, Asher. But Michaela sets him straight. “She’s a bartender, not a stripper.”

Wes whispers to Rebecca that he can help if she gives him the lock code for the phone she stashed in his bathroom. Rebecca rolls her eyes before she’s hauled off to a room where Keating and Blonde Lady ask her to tell them what happened the night of the murder. May as well call this girl Elsa because she has frozen. She finally speaks up, says she didn’t do it and they made her say those things. She says Wes was right. He told her Griffin (the football player) was going to pin it on her which is what the cops told her too. Uh oh. Keating doesn’t seem too happy to hear that Wes has been talking to Rebecca.

Keating is chewing his ass out, blaming him for Rebecca’s confession. She boots him off the case. Meanwhile, the other members of the Scooby gang are bickering. Blonde Lady and Frank are trying to decide which one of them is a shooting star, whatever that means.

Here comes the Crime of the Week. Insider trading charges against a woman who broke the glass ceiling. Oooh but there’s a sex tape! She’s been rattling some desks with the CEO of a pharmaceutical company, the company connected to the insider trading charges. But she ran all out of damns and has none left to give. She sets fire to the warrant! Who does that?

(The credits are still rolling and it turns out Laura Innes directed this episode! Remember her? Dr. Kerry Weaver from ER?)

Blonde Lady is hounding the DA for that video confession. Keating et al are determined to prove that it was a coerced confession.

Back to the insider trading case. Keating is thinking somebody may have set her up so she sends the Scooby gang out to interview her employees. “How do you know it’s one of her employees?” “I don’t. I just know that everybody hates their boss.” Ouch. Off they go, trying to find out who might be behind the setup.

Asher is such a dork. He says something to the employee he’s interviewing about Boss Lady being a real ball buster. “Would you call a man a ball buster? I’m guessing no, Mr. Can’t Stop Staring at My Boobs!” Anyway, it could be any one of these people. But Boss Lady isn’t happy that Keating’s gang is questioning them. She’s convinced it’s an outsider doing the framing. She’s also convinced that Annalise doesn’t trust anybody, not even her own husband. She’s right. But Annalise is good at faking it. She knows damn well he’s not going to some faculty dinner or whatever.

Hey, there’s Officer Cunning Linguist! He broke into Mr. Prof. Keating’s car to scope out the GPS. Talk about bad timing dude. Hubby walks out and catches him in the act. Officer CL tries to play it off like he was just out for a jog and saw the light on in the car. “I’m not trying to steal your car, man.” Please. If this was real life, he would’ve been shot for that. We don’t live in a world where a black man can jog through a rich neighborhood and just go into somebody’s car to turn the dome light off. Wait, why is Blonde Lady sitting in her car outside of Chez Keating?

Flash forward to the Scooby gang (minus Asher) in the car on the night of the murder. Connor is freaking out and yelling at them all about fibers and street cameras and DNA.

Now back to Boss Lady’s case. They’ve got nothing, except for Connor who wants to check out another lead. He takes off, leaving the rest of the gang behind. Wow. Michaela is really wound up about this exam she’s supposed to be studying for. Somebody get that girl some Xanax.

Well, well, well. Connor was actually thinking with BOTH heads this time. He managed to get the hot broker dude to get naked in the break room with him. As they’re lying, sweaty and naked in front of the Xerox machine, Hot Broker Dude’s phone rings so Connor leaves… but not before leaving a recording device behind. He catches this guy talking about framing Boss Lady for the trading. (There’s a quick cut back to Keating’s place where we take a moment to establish that, yes, Frank still has a thing for Laurel and he’s jealous over the guy she met at that party last week.)

Back to the murder. Connor has lost his mind. He’s looking like Jack in The Shining. But then we flash back to him at Cute Asian’s house where they’re trying to track down who the hot broker guy was talking to about framing Boss Lady.

Now we’re at the police station. Blonde Lady is trying to get the video of the confession but she’s about to mess it all up. She’s ratting out Officer Cunning Linguist for “investigating” Mr. Professor Keating. Still not sure what she was doing out there.

Meanwhile, Keating and Frank and Connor are telling Boss Lady that her assistant set her up. Paxton? His name is Paxton? Oh geez. You can’t survive prison with a name like that. Good luck, Paxton. You’re really going to need it when… OH SHIT. He just back-flipped right out the window! Well, that’s one way to avoid prison.

Now this leaves them with no witness and no evidence so they’re back to Square One, trying to find out who else was in on the frame job. Time to try and get a confession out of somebody. “You don’t ask for the truth. You pound it out of them.” Prof. Keating plays hard.

Keating totally tricked Boss Lady’s people into confessing, throwing down a stack of papers in front of them, telling them it’s a copy of the other person’s deposition in which they confess to everything. Ironically, the “deposition” she threw down in front of the snotty lady is a copy of a speech that Boss Lady wrote about female bonding in the workplace.

It’s movie time! Blonde Lady got her hands on the recording of the confession (and she lies to Keating about how she got it.) They finally prove to the judge that the confession was coerced and she gets her bail reduced. Now she can go outside and get some sunlight. Girl’s looking kind of sickly.

Flash forward again to the night of the murder. Connor shows up at Cute Asian’s place. Whatever was left of his mind is gone. He’s about to tell this man everything. Connor, you need to chill out. Enough with the rocking back and forth and the “I screwed up. I screwed up.”

Yeah, Connor, you screwed up. And it’s not the first time. Cute Asian listens to the full recording and finds out just how Connor got it. Relationship over.

Next we see Wes waiting at the top of the stairs for Rebecca when she gets home. What is the deal with this phone? Wait, why does Annalise have it now? Oh, ok. Rebecca finally showed it to Wes – she trusts him now – and apparently whatever is on it is something Annalise needs to see.

Wow. Annalise is going all #nofilter on us, taking off her wig, her eyelashes, her makeup…

Uh oh. Show’s almost over. Here comes those last nine words that the ABC promos said were supposed to be such a shocker. Wait for it… hubby walks in… he’s kissing on her neck… here it comes…

“Why is your penis on a dead girl’s phone?”

DAMN! Well then. Somebody has some ‘splaining to do.

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