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New Show Recap: How to Get Away with Murder 1×06, “Freakin’ Whack-a-Mole”

Wow. Things got really good this week. I mean, not that they weren’t good before, but things are finally starting to fall into place. And even though this week’s episode starts off on the night of the murder, we don’t get thrown right into the drama as usual. No, this week we get to start off watching Asher in his apartment doing whatever this is.

And it’s while he’s doing his thing that he notices that his trophy is missing. Ya know, the one that the others used to bash in Sam Keating’s head? Yeah, that one. So Asher goes banging on the door which leads us to where the last two or three episodes started off. While Wes, Rebecca, Laurel, and Connor are arguing about whether or not to let Asher in the house and bring him in on all of this, Michaela — being the clever woman she is — is texting Asher to tell him she’s at the library so he’ll leave and go look for her.

Flashback to five weeks earlier and the Lady Justice trophy sitting on an empty desk. Where’s Wes? Oh that’s right. He figured out that the Keatings tricked that girl by pretending to have her come over for a psychological evaluation. Wes is not happy. So he’s completely skipping class and it’s got Prof. Keating distracted. Luckily her class is cut short when Bonnie interrupts and whispers something into Prof. Keating’s ear.

Here’s our case of the week: David Allen is sitting on death row, convicted of killing his girlfriend in a jealous rage. Prof. Keating has been on this case for 21 years and her petition to develop new facts of Allen’s conviction was granted so now Annalise and the Keating Five are taking on a death row appeal. They have three days to prepare. Keating goes to the prison to give David Allen the news. He’s sitting here planning out his last meal and she’s telling him that he may be able to eat all of that and then some.

Back at Keating’s office, the Scooby gang is role playing the testimony from Allen’s trial. As they’re going through the files, they discover that Asher’s daddy was the judge on the case. Meanwhile, the Keatings are arguing and Sam is pissed that Annalise took on a death row case in the middle of their marital battles. Like she knew this was going to happen.

Bonnie interrupts (again), and after Annalise leaves the room, Sam apologizes to Bonnie and thanks her for putting up with them. “It’s for Annalise,” she says. “I’d do anything for her.” Oh really now?

Oh, hello! Annalise shows up at Wes’ door, asking why he hasn’t been in class, why he’s not answering his phone. She gives him the trophy and he tells her to take it back, he doesn’t want it.

And there’s that weird vibe between these too. They argue like they’re either mother and son or a couple. I see some folks talking about how Annalise has her eye on Wes but my money is on him being her son. Do we know if he’s adopted?

Anyway, he’s basically threatening her, telling her that he’s going to the cops and telling them everything he knows unless Annalise finds Rebecca and brings her home.

Back at the office, Frank and Laurel are chatting it up and Bonnie interrupts. That woman is really good at being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Either that or she’s just too damn nosy. Her lurking is getting on my nerves. And Asher is obviously getting on Prof. Keating’s nerves, trying to tell her that his dad was the judge in the death row case as if she didn’t already know that.

While the rest of the gang is briefing Wes on the Allen case, Annalise is sending her goon out to find Rebecca.

While Frank hunts down Rebecca, the Keating Five are out hunting down witnesses and attorneys from the original trial. The only one who is convinced that David Allen is guilty is some lady, now being interviewed by Bonnie and Asher a/k/a “Team Bosher,” who testified as a witness that she saw David with the gun. Meanwhile, Laurel and Wes find out that David had an alibi. Unfortunately, the alibi was a junkie who would’ve done more harm than good. Naturally, Michaela finds a hole in the prosecuting attorney’s story and he ends up telling them that he was removed from the case after he told the judge that there was some perjury going on and possibly some race-related pressure to convict David Allen even though he was innocent. But Asher is insisting that his dad’s not racist. “It’s not just white people that go to Kennebunkport!”

Now back to the night of the murder. The gang is in an SUV with Sam’s body and Asher just coincidentally happens to be walking across the street, on his phone and not paying attention, and Connor almost hits him. Gee, I wonder what Asher could be so excited about that he’s not even watching where he’s going?

Asher is stewing about these allegations that his dad is a corrupt and racist judge so he heads out to daddy’s plantation to look for evidence. Annalise is trying to find David’s alibi while Connor and Michaela are digging into the case files, trying to find proof that Asher’s dad is dirty, but they come up empty.

And David’s alibi? Overdosed fifteen months ago.

In the privacy of her own office, Annalise is losing her grip. “Come on, girl!” she’s muttering to herself. Then she has one of those light bulb moments after seeing the football player’s mug shot on her desk and she calls Frank in to ask him for a favor.

Back at daddy’s plantation, Asher is asking his dad about the David Allen case. Why is it that daddy’s journals, the ones he kept so meticulously for 30 years, are missing an entry from the day he met with the prosecuting attorney in David’s case? Daddy doesn’t like being accused of misconduct so he kicks his own son out of the house.

Now that Asher knows that Doucheface Sr. is a racist jerk and a liar, he decides to participate in the case again. But he’s got two stipulations: 1) Annalise agrees to keep daddy’s involvement a secret and 2) he wants the trophy.

So nobody knows who lied or why but they know that it was done as a favor to some politician. You mean a politician has some lawyers and judges in his pocket? Surprise, surprise. 12 hours until trial! Better get on it, Keating Five!

They all pass out except for Laurel who catches Frank as he’s walking out the door. She’s grilling him about where he’s going, asking if he’s looking for Rebecca, and after he leaves, Bonnie sticks her nose in everything and warns Laurel to quit leading Frank on.

Annalise is at the prison, asking David Allen if he knows this politician dude. David tells her that he’s some rich dude that owns a bunch of property and that they were raising the rent on everybody to force them — mostly poor black people — to move out. David’s girlfriend was fighting them on it and that’s why she ended up dead. Well there’s your racial motivation!

Back at the office, the Keating Five are arguing about corrupt judge dads and sleeping with murderous clients. During a stupid little wrestling match, Asher notices a logo for the real estate development company and recognizes it as the one he saw on the building where the old lady witness lives.

Show time! We’re at David Allen’s trial and Keating is grilling this witness, asking how she suddenly went from being evicted to living there rent free and how her rent problems suddenly disappeared after she testified in Allen’s case. Busted!

Annalise Keating is PISSED! And rightfully so. She has thrown all her damns out the window and just lays into this scumbag politician. And even though she gets an ass-chewing about her behavior in court, it doesn’t matter because it works. David Allen is free after spending 20 years on death row for a crime he didn’t commit.

“Let me know what you have… for dinner tonight.” I was in tears, y’all!

Back at the office, Annalise is telling Wes that the police now believe that the football player killed the co-ed because she was cheating on him. Remember that light bulb moment Annalise had earlier? Yeah, she had Frank plant evidence — the girl’s phone, pictures and all. The incriminating wallpaper? She took care of that. Sam Keating is safe “unless there’s someone else out there who knows what your penis looks like.” Ouch. But when he asks her why she’s doing all this for him, she just keeps saying “I need you” over and over. “I love you.” Can we just go ahead and give Viola Davis her Emmy?

Oh, hey, there’s Officer Nate! Why is he having someone follow Frank around? And why is that person sending Nate photos of Frank planting that phone in the football player’s car? He’s up to something.

Now back to the night of the murder. Remember when Asher was all excited and almost got hit by a car? Here’s where he was headed:

And now we know why Asher wasn’t there when Sam was killed! Team Bosher! Their post-coital bliss is interrupted by Bonnie’s phone ringing. It’s a tearful Annalise on the other end, asking Bonnie if she’s with Sam. “Something terrible has happened!” And now it’s all starting to fall into place…

So who do YOU think killed Sam? Is Annalise faking those tears to set up an alibi? Did she make the Keating Five cover all of this up for her?

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