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New Show Recap: The Good Wife, 6.03 “Oppo Research”

This season is heating up, and everyone wants to know what’s going to happen next.

Is there anything funnier than Alicia getting annoyed about spoilers in a show she likes? (With that in mind, there are obvious spoilers below!)

“Alicia, things move faster now.”

Eli is ready to go full steam ahead with Alicia’s campaign. It’s almost like he’s been planning it the whole time; oh wait, he has. He’s even picked out a campaign manager named Johnny Elfman, who reminds me of Danny Elfman, the film composer. Music geeks die hard, I guess.

“I’m not your superhero, Mr. Elfman. If you want a superhero, don’t waste my time. Or yours.”

And with that, Alicia has made it clear that she’s no timid church mouse candidate — she’s made of steel.

“You know that part in The Matrix where Keanu sits down and he has to choose the red pill or the blue pill? ….this is the red pill.”

And what a red pill it is; aside from the obvious issue of Lemond Bishop, it turns out that Alicia’s son, Zach, got his girlfriend Nisa pregnant, who then got an abortion. Let’s just say that Alicia is less than pleased, but more about Zach lying than the actual abortion, I’m assuming.

Backed by the dulcet tones of Christian choral singing, Alicia listens to Johnny Elfman recount every skeleton in her very deep closet. Yowch. Alicia meets with her mother and brother to discuss their skeletons, and her brother storms out of her apartment.

She then meets with Finn, and they need to stop making their chemistry happen. Finn isn’t Will, and he won’t ever be. On her way home she gets pulled over for a DUI and although she volunteers a breathalyzer test, the police officer forces her to do a roadside test while people drive by and take photos. While obviously a setup, this is bound to be an issue later if Alicia chooses to run.

Oh, you mean five minutes later when someone posts an article about her alcohol addiction?

As the episode closes, we learn that Lemond Bishop is behind the PAC that has raised $140,000 for Alicia’s campaign.

Oh. No.



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I think Finn’s suggestion — take a cab — was a little on the nose, don’t you think? I hate to think it because he has those big, innocent blue eyes, but do you think he knew what Alicia was walking into?

Also did you realize that Kalinda and Alicia haven’t been in a physical scene together for 31 episodes? (I didn’t count, but someone else pointed it out.) It’s weird.

Whatever it is, Eli seems to be in on it.

I rewatched the episode today, and I’m thinking that the reason Alicia is so upset about Zach going to his girlfriend’s abortion was because he was reminding her of her husband. Didn’t the first season have similar cutaways showing Peter’s lies? It doesn’t seem to be about the choice at all, since she also asked him about pot smoking.

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