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New Show Recap: The Good Wife 6×06: “Old Spice”

Look down at your desk — now back to me: I’m on a horse. This is the blog your blog could smell like if it used Old Spice.

This episode certainly smelled Old Spice-y — the pace is picking up now that Alicia’s campaign is off to a raging start! Alicia was being pressured to make a public statement of faith for the campaign.

Elsbeth’s leaping over sidewalk grates is “adorable,” according to A-USA Josh Perotti, who stopped her in the street to ask her to lunch after she mistakenly barged in on his presentation. He asked her what she smells like (baby lotion), and he says:

“I smell like Old Spice.”

During a meeting at inappropriately named Lockhart Gardiner, David Lee got served with eviction papers. It looks like Diane decided to take advantage of her position as the leaseholder and throw them all out. As a response, Lockhart Gardiner sent Diane a list of OSHA infractions and a bill of over $600k. Ouch.

In court, Elsbeth helped out Josh Perotti by hinting that in that judge’s courtroom, the lawyers have to say “in my opinion,” and Alicia just stared at her in disbelief. She caught on to Perotti’s real plan — to charge her client, J-Serve, with economic espionage, because they sold some specific code to a company in China.

Marissa, Eli’s daughter, is acting as Alicia’s “body woman,” essentially her personal assistant. She brought Alicia milk instead of coffee, and had a lot to say about Alicia’s campaign.

“Uh, excuse me, the body woman isn’t supposed to talk so much.”

Cary was out at a bar, flirting with women, and one of them said it was a shame that he hadn’t been raped in prison, because “that would have been a turn-on.” Gross. Super gross.

On day two of court with Elsbeth, she tried to distract Josh Perotti while he was questioning a man from the Chinese company on the stand, and she succeeded. When it was her turn to cross-examine, she turned to Alicia for help, who knocked it out of the park by reminding the man that he previously testified that he kept vital information from her client, which meant that she couldn’t have known the company would give the technology to the Chinese government.

Diane countered the OSHA complaints with similar complaints against Louis Canning’s properties. Just when it looked like she and Kalinda had them backed into a corner, David Lee reminded her about a clause she had inserted when she thought Will was trying to push her out, stating that the lease requires on-site presence to be valid. Kalinda pointed out that they might have a way around that clause, with the assistance of the lecherous old partner, Howard.

Cary went home with the Rape Joke Woman, and guess who was waiting there? That’s right, his pretrial services officer, who was making a spot check. Rape Joke Woman joked that they would be using drugs later, and the officer discovered that his route to the bar took him 1/4 of a mile outside of the state, and had him re-arrested. After the officer spoke with Kalinda, Cary’s bail rules were reviewed by a judge who agreed that Cary should have an ankle monitoring bracelet, a 9 p.m. curfew, and no contact with Kalinda.

Alicia’s interview with the influential pastor went as well as it could, but she still felt like a fraud because she didn’t stick to her atheist principles.

The scene with Elsbeth and Josh Perotti in her office was hilarious — buttons flying, they get together to the dulcet tones of “Call Me Maybe.” Ah, romance in the 21st century.

“Damn you and your Old Spice!”

Though Josh destroyed evidence for the case, Elsbeth got him on tape admitting that he had, and so he was forced to drop the charges against J-Serve. Though they are both formidable in court (and perhaps ethically cloudy), they manage to part on good terms — we definitely haven’t seen the last of The Good Wife‘s new favorite pairing.

Alicia and Diane returned to their old offices, which were torn apart by their evicted peers. Diane set up in her recently vacated office, but Alicia took Will’s old office, which was a moving and emotional scene.

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Was that a real invoice? I was under the impression that Elsbeth brought in a fake one and it was destroyed, but she got him on tape saying he did it. I also kind of felt bad for Grace during the prayer circle scene. Almost as bad as I feel for the nonbelieving loved ones of religious proselytizers.

Aww, I don’t know, I really like Elsbeth! But then I can understand why people who like the smart/broody side of TGW would be less interested in her story arcs.

I couldn’t believe Carey went home with her either. What even were you thinking, dude? That is probably the WORST conversation opener ever.

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