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New Show Recap: The Good Wife 6×03, “Dear God”

Let’s get right to business in this week’s The Good Wife!

Cary was released on bail, and it’s clear that he and Kalinda are starting things back up. Things are going haywire at the firm, now that Diane has brought over six department heads (of whom there are no space for), and Cary had to disclose his arrest to all of his clients.

This week’s case involved a genetically modified seed that was “stolen” when a farmer recouped seeds from his harvest. This is a very real problem that has plagued the courts in real life, specifically with agriculture giants like Monsanto. Diane pulled Cary out of the court to tell him that the state’s attorney “Lost their witness.” (Lost, as in Lemond Bishop had him axed?)

Their clients decided to skip court and try “Binding Christian Arbitration.”

“Objection – argumentative.”

“What? Oh, noooo – I think he can handle it. Go ahead.”

The lawyers all struggled to find their feet, studying up on Bible verses to use during arbitration, and Dean came out with some off-the-cuff verses that might just win their case. He later admitted to Alicia that he almost became a priest, but:

“I wanted justice in this life, not the next.”

ASA Finn motioned to have Cary’s bail revoked, on the basis that the witness has “gone missing” right after he met with Kalinda, who then allegedly met with the witness to intimidate him. Alicia met with Cary’s pretrial services officer to explain how the State’s Attorney is going after Cary to get to her campaign — of which, there isn’t one. Talk about paranoid. Finn has photos of Kalinda meeting with the witness, but she was warning him that Lemond Bishop would kill him, not threatening him.

Alicia got bombarded at the fundraiser by people begging to be on her campaign team, and Eli asks her to not talk about how she isn’t running.


(It totally is.) And she gave Alicia a speech about how we need more good women to run, and I think it got under Alicia’s skin. Eli tries to psyche her into running by saying that Peter will endorse Castro (the current State’s Attorney) if she can’t give him another name.

Cary’s pretrial services officer, the one everyone has been telling white lies the entire episode, was asked to weigh in on the bond revocation hearing, and she concluded that Cary wouldn’t have tried to intimidate that witness, so he’s off the hook! Outside the courtroom, Castro and Alicia have a tense chat. Alicia asks him if he has anything to say, he said no, but she responded:

“I doubt that. Men always have something to say.”

After three full episodes of everyone telling Alicia to run — from Eli, to Peter, to Gloria Steinem, Castro pushed the final button with bringing up Will Gardner.

Alicia Florrick for State’s Attorney!

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