News in Asia is Sending Out Good Vibes

Mainly because the world is terrible. Extra special unicorn thoughts goes to the protestors holding strong in Hong Kong after violent clashes.

This past weekend, many pro-democracy protesters accused Hong Kong police of sending gangsters into encampments to incite violence in the Mong Kok district.

Current Hong Kong leader Leung Chun-ying, who is still refusing to step down, has stated that he will “take all necessary actions to restore social order.” Yeah, that sounds comforting.

Elsewhere, and in other terrible news, the government of Myanmar is coming under fire from human rights groups for a plan to force thousands of the minority Rohingya Muslims into detention camps if they do not qualify for citizenship. Conveniently, they have refused to grant citizenship to most of the Rohingya.

Apparently Indian women wearing jeans are an insult to Indian culture.

However, in Indian women are awesome news, female boxer Mary Kom became the first Indian woman to win gold at the Asian Games in South Korea.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi was in Washington D.C. for a summit with President Obama.

And back to terrible news: Pakistan is seeing a record high number of polio cases this year. One of the main factors in the rise of cases is militants hampering vaccination efforts. There have been a string of attacks against health care aid workers and organizations in the last few years.

Also, like so many other places in the world, cyber-violence and harassment can turn into real-life violence against women (trigger warning for rape).

In, “I Honestly Didn’t Know This Was Still A Thing News,” the US partly lifted the 40-year arms embargo against Vietnam in an effort to help the nation secure its maritime borders from Chinese encroachment.

Finally, in a Hail Mary for peace, North Korea has agreed to restart talks with South Korea in the coming months.

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