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News in Europe: Donkeys Do It Better

Welcome to another week of news ranging from horrible to blurgh, saved only by some horny animals right at the end.

345 lucky refugees have been saved by a cruise ship while they were trying to get to European shores. Let’s hope this experience has taught the cruise ship passengers a lesson in empathy.

The situation in Ukraine is not improving. At least 13 people were killed over the last few days, despite a ceasefire that’s obviously not working out. Meanwhile, Hungary has been pressured by Russia to cut off oil supplies to Ukraine.

Catalonia’s plans for a referendum on its independence have been hampered once again, this time by the Spanish constitutional court.

Front National have won seats in the French senate for the first time. Blurgh.

Radovan Karadzic awaits his verdict at the war crimes tribunal in The Hague.

In the UK, a body has been found in the search for missing schoolgirl Alice Gross. The murder suspect, a Latvian man with a criminal past, is on the run. I don’t read the tabloids because I like to hang on to the last shreds of my sanity, but I can imagine that “Eastern Europeans” don’t rate very highly right now. But then, do they ever.

Our hero of the week is Yelena Serova, a female cosmonaut getting annoyed with stupid interviewers. How dare a mother leave her child to go to space! (Disclaimer: I want to do this on a daily basis.)

Irish residents will now have to pay water charges. I’d pity them if I wasn’t still completely stunned at how anyone could not pay for water. But then, as my husband so helpfully pointed out, it does rain a lot over there.

And finally, Polish animals doing it like there’s no tomorrow! Here’s a story of a donkey couple having to be separated because people were objecting to them making sweet love in the open air. They have now been reunited, and rightly so. And here’s a picture of elephants having a good time, and an article I can’t read (yet!), but does it matter? What a sight.

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So, I *might* have used Google to translate the elephant sex article, and OMG do they need to step up their Polish game. I’m pretty sure the headline doesn’t actually read “Warsaw elephants pierced donkeys from Poznan,” because yeesh, though I particularly enjoyed, “It looked like an elephant is very willing and elephant necessarily.”

When I was in Ireland for 4 months, there was a veritable DELUGE of political propaganda re: the water tax. My initial reaction was, “Wait, so they don’t pay for water AT ALL?”

But really, access to clean water is a human right and should be treated as such, rather than as a commodity/privilege.

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