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News in Europe: Good Clowns Gone Bad

Greetings! Here’s some Ebola-free news for you all.

The Spanish nurse who contracted Ebola a few weeks ago is now free of the disease! There’s hope.

And this is where the good news ends and we are faced with the usual horror. The boats from Africa keep arriving on Europe’s coasts, and it’s not only adults who have to cope with the experience. Here’s an article on child migrants, and it makes you want to weep.

Ten myths about migration from The Guardian. Always timely.

On that note, here’s some funny and suddenly-not-so-funny-anymore news from Ukip, the scary clown of British politics. Looking for allies to their idiocy, the party was offered support from German dadaists, which is funny. Only then they actually gained support from a scary Polish clown politician (the worst these guys here can come up with is “unsavoury,” but judge for yourself). Which is just depressing.

Personal aside: I have a Pole here saying the Congress of the New Right’s leader is being unfairly judged and misrepresented by the liberal media. So I’m linking this (skip right to the bottom where he says women are less intelligent than men and denies Hitler’s knowledge of the Holocaust) and this. And then I’m going for a long walk without my Pole to think about the correlation between political views and divorce rates.

Hang on, scary clowns, you say? Halloween’s almost upon us, so you will all appreciate this gem from France. It’s Yahoo News-worthy.

Turkey is having trouble supporting the Kurds against ISIS. Which should be easy enough, one would think.

After a submarine briefly surfaced in Swedish waters, everyone seems scared of a Russian invasion. Bury your valuables and take that Russian correspondence course now! (I love how Russia just went, “It’s DUTCH!” Personally, I would say Liechtenstein. Gotta be more believable.)

After it was revealed that cluster bombs have been used in Ukraine, the latest news has it that the pro-Russian separatists in Luhansk and Donetsk are now planning their own elections. Just another normal week in Ukraine.

This will make us all feel hopeful again: Pioneering spinal surgery has helped a paralysed man walk. The world is a good place, after all!

See you next week.


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