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News in Europe: Visit Kazakhstan!

Greetings, citizens, and let’s get straight to it. Before we head to Kazakhstan, let’s have a look at this week’s serious news.

ISIS are under fire from US-led troops in the besieged town of Kobani on the Syrian-Turkish border.

The Italian Navy have declared that they will continue their refugee rescue missions despite the Mare Nostrum programme being scrapped. The UK has come under attack for its rather heartless reasoning that helping refugees will only encourage more of them attempting the Mediterranean crossing.

Ryanair faces a €8.1m penalty for breaking French labour laws.

In Hungary, students are protesting against a new Internet tax. Here’s a protester’s point of view.

In Turkey, 19 miners are still stuck after their coal mine was flooded.

The recent election in Ukraine sees President Poroshenko and his allies in front.

An Estonian schoolboy has shot dead his German teacher during lessons. This is the first known school shooting in the country.

German chancellor Angela Merkel has confirmed that she will not support David Cameron’s plan of altering EU legislation about free movement of workers. Finally some good news after another politician of questionable intelligence voiced his personal horror stories of EU migrants ruining the UK. EU migrants: Swamping Your Style Since 2004.

Also in UK news: The Green Party has been ruled out from future TV leadership debates by the BBC. I call bullshit.

Sweden has called off its search for the Russian submarine that possibly never existed.

And finally, something to amuse you me. If you’re looking for something to give me for Christmas, look no further than Kazakhstan: Caviar baths, y’all!

Better start saving up. Until next week!

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