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Return of the Psychic Possum Open Thread

In honor of the rapidly approaching All Hallow’s Eve, we find it high time to pay a return to Pearl’s Psychic Services for Opossums and Friends alike.

And maybe a poem, some cooking, and a good night story, just to be on the safe side.

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I am not sure who else I can even talk to about this but earlier today this guy I’ve been dating literally screamed at me for five minutes straight. We were having a disagreement on whether something was racist, and I said he was acting like Bill O’Reilly. He’s fairly liberal and he haaaaated that. But whenever I think something is racist and he doesn’t, he always talks over me and doesn’t let me finish whatever point I was making. Then he attacks whatever I managed to get out like that’s my complete argument.

Like when we were watching Back to the Future and I mentioned I had heard about it on Reel Bad Arabs, which led to a rant about how BttF isn’t racist because they specifically reference Libyans, so therefore it isn’t insulting to *every* Arab. (I maintain that it is racist since it hits every stereotypical checkpoint; dangerous, incompetent, shoehorned into a storyline that has nothing to do with the Middle East or Islam, given no actual dialogue except screaming in Arabic. I don’t think it’s the *worst* example of racism ever, but it makes me uncomfortable to see most Western depictions of Arabs.)

To make a long story longer, the yelling scared the hell out of me. I’m not sure if I’m being reasonable, since he actually does recognize that privilege exists even if he doesn’t see racism everywhere I see it. I just wish he could let me HAVE my opinion instead of ranting at me about it. And I do not want to be there the next time he flies off the handle. I’m pretty sure everyone in my building heard him.

Naah, we aren’t (weren’t?) together like that. He recently got out of a long relationship and I recently got out of a bad one. That’s mainly why I’m second guessing myself. I already have a thing about being screamed at by a guy. It’s even gotten me in trouble at work because I struggle with responding to angry men with cool, collected calm.

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