Ten Songs Keeping Me Sane This Week: Sleater-Kinney Edition.

If you follow me on any social media platform, you know since Friday/Saturday I have been squeeing a lot. About a month ago, I found out Sub Pop Records was releasing a career spanning limited edition vinyl box set of Sleater-Kinney. I am a pretty huge fan of Sleater-Kinney, though most of the albums came to me later in life. I unfortunately did not get to be a Riot Grrl in middle or high school. I ordered the box set as a birthday present and was fondly looking forward to getting it. 

Last Friday, Consequences of Sound and Pitchfork both posted short articles detailing a mystery 7-inch in the box set. The record had no markings on its white vinyl other than 1-20-15 which many believed would be a new Sleater-Kinney album. This has sinse been confirmed. On Monday, tour dates and the new album were officially announced;Twitter and Facebook were afire. As our own Liza pointed out to me on twitter, Riot Grrl Powers Activate. Every Sleater-Kinney fan was over-the-moon happy. I have to admit, I have been listening to nothing but Sleater-Kinney since Friday night.

1. “Dig Me Out”

My absolute favorite album by them and maybe my favorite song. It is pretty much everything you want in a punk song. Loud guitars, wailing vocals, kick ass drums.


From The Woods, “Jumpers” perfects the Sleater-Kinney sound and distills it into one fucking awesome song. I am a big fan of The Woods and I think it’s underrated in the indie cannon. The interplay between Carrie and Corrin on both their guitars and vocals really make the song pop. Janet’s drumming on this song is so tight. It makes sense that Sleater-Kinney’s sound really coalesced when they hired her as drummer.

3. “I Wanna Be Your Joey Ramone”

I am 90% sure this song is about queer love. I do not know if Corrin and Carrie wrote it about their relationship or if it’s just directed at a fictional woman. I appreciate it because most songs like this are male rock stars talking about their girlfriends and partners. It doesn’t hurt that this song references punk royalty.

4. “Combat Rock”

Bonus points for referencing the Clash. One Beat might be the best Sleater-Kinney album, even if it is not my favorite. “Combat Rock” is one of the most overtly political S-K songs and really speaks to the time period it was made in. Post-9/11 and right in the midst of W’s shit. In a lot of ways, the lyrics are still important today. “Since when is skepticism Un-American?”

5. “One More Hour”

THE Breakup Song. Carrie and Corrin briefly dated and we got this awesome song out of it.

6. “Start Together”

The song that inspired the box set name. Probably the best song off of The Hot Rock. I really am a fan of Corrin’s vocal stylings and I absolutely love her on this song.

7. “Jenny”

The closing track off Dig Me Out, it is sludgy and awesome. I would definitely want to see this song live and this video shows just how awesome it is live. The energy it takes to make a slow drone song is really a lot.

8. “The Fox”

The Woods opens with this great song and it sets the tone of the whole album. I really like how the drums are very forward in the mix, definitely interplaying with both guitars.

9. “The Ballad of A Ladyman”

This is Carolina’s favorite S-K song so I figured I should include it on here.

10. “Bury Our Friends”

The NEW song. The debut single from No Cities To Love. I so can’t wait for the new album. They seem like The Woods just came out yesterday. I am really excited for this musical direction.

Peresphoneers, what is your favorite Sleater-Kinney song? I am very curious to see what shows up. I have so many. Narrowing it down to just ten was hard!.



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