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The Eyes Have It: Jack-O’-Lanterns

The only pie you will make with these pumpkins is a cutie pie!

I wanted to finish off the month with something cute but also something Halloween appropriate. I also recently discovered a fondness for orange eye shadow. It was never really a color I was all that into in the past, though it is my aunt’s favorite. Recently, I’ve found it to be a really enjoyable color to wear and was surprised at how well it works on me. So in that line of thought, I hit on pumpkins and then jack-o’-lanterns. Here’s a joke to get you in the mood:

Question: What is Irish and orange?
Answer: A Jack O’Lantern!

Heavy pale person with eyeshadow that looks like a jack o lantern sitting on their eyelids!

You will need:

  •  Your basic stuff for the rest of your face. You might also want to use a setting powder under your eyes to protect against fall out, though it isn’t a need and you could always just hold a business card under your eye.
  • Something to use as a cream primer. You can use an actual cream primer or you can make do with a cream shadow pencil. I used a beige cream shadow pencil from Five Below store.
  • An orange shadow. Go as bright or bold as you like. I used Aromaleigh’s Vapid Voyeurism from the Ever in Your Favor collection.
  • A yellow shadow.  I used Aromaleigh’s Theatrical Melodrama from the Ever in Your Favor collection.
  • A red or burnt orange shadow for shading.  I used Aromaleigh’s Initial Bloodbath from the Ever in Your Favor collection.
  • A green eyeliner. I used the green stick from Physician’s Formula Custom Eye Enhancing Eyeliner Trio for Green Eyes.
  • A black eyeliner, preferably a liquid. I used a plain black liquid liner, but am unsure of brand as it was my sister’s.
  • A thin brush, such as a liner or pencil brush, or a small foam-tipped applicator. I used a generic foam-tipped applicator from Five Below.
  • A fluffier brush that can be used to both apply and to lightly blend your shadow. You also have the option of using a different brush for each. I used a Lancôme All Over Shadow Brush.
  • Optional: your normal mascara.

Below are the steps, numbered, and they correspond to images in the gallery (click to enlarge).

  1. Do your basic layer. This is the stage where you even the skin tone around your eyes. If you are using a setting powder on your under eye area, apply it now.
  2. Put down whatever you are using as a primer in the shape of your pumpkin. What this will look like will depend on your eye and lid shape. It should be an oblong-ish shape. The key is to not have it extend fully to the corners of your eyes, nor all the way to your brows. With your little stem, there should still be a gap. You do, however, need to have a decent amount above your creases. If you have low creases, it may be the majority of the shape.
  3. Apply the orange shadow with the fluffier of the two brushes over the whole of the shape.
  4. Make vertical lines over the orange with the yellow using the thinner brush. These should correspond with where the fullest parts of the pumpkin would be. The lines will be slightly thicker around the middle or where the “light” would hit the pumpkin. Lightly blend with whatever brush you are using as a blender.
  5. Using the thinner brush, make very thin lines with the red shadow in between the yellow lines and around the outside and bottom edges of the “pumpkin” shape. Lightly blend with your other brush again.
  6. Using your green eyeliner, draw on your little stem at the top. Optional: Draw some little stem tendrils in the corners of your eyes, starting them a quarter of the way into the pumpkin shape along the lash line.
  7. If you want just pumpkins and not jack-0′-lanterns you can skip this and the next step. With the black liquid liner, draw on the face of your jack-o’-lanterns. Put the eyes, generally triangles, close to the top of the pumpkin. It is best to make sure they are above the crease, though how far depends on your eyes. If you have a high crease with a lot of lid showing, you can start the base of the triangles at where your crease line sits when your eyes are open. (I ended up with them in the crease, which was less effective.) If you have lower creases, the triangles will be well above that.
  8. The mouth will be lower down. If you have visible lids, it will be a little above the lash line. If you have a very low crease, you have an opportunity. If you draw the mouth on along the crease when your eyes are open, you can then draw it into a grinning shape when the eye is closed. When you open and close your eyes, it will look like he is smiling and then grinning! This is a little bit trickier and doesn’t work well on my eye type, so I haven’t practiced it. If you are using a liquid liner, you will want to do the mouths one at a time and keep your eye closed until it dries, either naturally or from a blow dryer on a cool setting. This shouldn’t take too long.
  9. You can add mascara at this point. I didn’t because my lashes are thick enough to be visible without, and I wanted the focus to be on the pumpkins. But on some people, putting on mascara is important in order to make sure the eye is defined.
  10. If you have any fall out, tidy it up now. If you used setting powder, remove it now. This is also a good time to apply lip color.
  11. Drink that pumpkin spice latte, eat your scones, and get a couple of smiles out there, cutie-pie!

Next month I’ll be writing up some more wearable looks. :) Happy Halloween!

By Savannah Logsdon-Breakstone

Savannah Logsdon-Breakstone.

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