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This Open Thread Thanks Tina Belcher

You get ’em, girl. Get them (slightly NSFW) butts.

Seriously, Tina Belcher is the feminist hero we need.

Tina is down with exploring boundaries and forgoing the cultural expectations of imposed monogamy on women.

She’s confident — damn confident.

She isn’t afraid to real talk the female body, even if it ain’t pretty.

Tina is all about reversing the male gaze.

And most importantly, Tina believes in the power of being human.That feminism is a a continual learning, not just a fixed state, and that we ladies just got to do what is best to do.

You go, Tina. You be the hero we needed.


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Apparently Bob’s Burgers was going to have two boys and one girl, but they changed Dan Mintz’s character to a girl after the first pilot. I am so glad, too, because we have way more sympathetic male awkward teenagers on tv than female.

Also, while I am slowly warming up to Brooklyn 911, Bob’s Burgers is the only show on Fox that I still seek out.

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