This Week in Misogyny

This Week in Misogyny Is Not Down with Fracking for the Cure

“Awareness” has gone too far. TOO FAR. And there’s plenty of truly tragic news this week to go along with the shit that’s merely infuriating. But if you can make it through to the end, Jessica Williams will make it all better. (As usual, trigger warnings for pretty much everything apply.)

Mary “Unique” Spears was walking into a relative’s memorial service in Detroit when an unknown man asked her for her name and phone number. She refused to give it to him since she was engaged, but he kept hassling her and eventually hit her. Then he shot her three times, killing her, and wounded four of her relatives and her fiancée when he started firing into the crowd. She had just left a fucking funeral and now she’s dead and her three kids have no mother and all because some guy thought he was entitled to hit on her.

Jamie Lee Martin had a group of people over to drink in her garage when something Elliott William Orsborn said upset her, so she “jokingly slapped [him] across the face.” So he shot her in the forehead and killed her.

All but eight abortion clinics in the entire state of Texas were forced to close last Friday after the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals overturned the injunction on the TRAP law that places ridiculous and unnecessary restrictions on clinics. The clinics have appealed the decision, but since Justice Scalia oversees the Fifth Circuit, fuck. For women in the Rio Grande valley, that means that getting an abortion could cost well over $1,000, if not more.

The ACLU is suing Alabama because the new process for minors to get abortions without parental request requires them to be basically put on trial, complete with a lawyer for the fetus and character witnesses.

If you’re in Colorado, do not vote for Amendment 67. While it’s disguised as a reaction to a woman who miscarried after an accident caused by a drunk driver, it actually rewrites every state law to grant personhood to fetuses, which could lead to women being prosecuted for abortions, miscarriages, substance abuse, and more.

Jennifer Lawrence finally spoke out about the release of her stolen nude photos.

Wednesday was “Equal Pay Day” for Latinas; based on the average wage gap of $0.56 for each $1 a white man earns, it took a Latina woman from Jan. 1, 2013 until October 8, 2014 to earn white a white man did in 2013 alone.

Good news in New York! Gov. Andrew Cuomo has ordered the 64 campuses in the SUNY system to adopt affirmative consent standards in their sexual assault policies. It could also soon be easier for transgender NYC residents to correct their birth certificates.

Terrible People of the Week

  • Stephen Collins, the actor who played Reverend Camden on 7th Heaven, apparently confessed on tape to molesting an 11-year-old year.
  • Stephen Tully Dierks, an alt-lit editor who allegedly raped at least two women (and all the alt-lit bros who supported him all along and are now trying to distance themselves since he got caught).
  • Elizabeth Ellen, who thought it would be a good idea to break down the case against Dierks (and also statutory rape accusations against author Tao Lin) to explain all the places where she the victims made bad decisions or were exaggering about statutory being a big deal, while also admitting to having molested three younger kids when she was about 9 or 10.
  • Reince Priebus, who tried to claim that shutting down abortion clinics showed “compassion” for women dealing with unplanned pregnancy.
  • George Will, who’s upset that the Obama administration is “monitoring sex on campuses.” Because they’re investigating schools that are mishandling rape accusations and encouraging college men to not be rapists and to step in if they see someone else assaulting someone. Thanks, Obama!
  • Nicholas Sparks, who’s a big old racist anti-Semitic homophobe.
  • Mark Gregory, who just finally stepped down as the head of the Williamson County (Tennessee) school board over renewed outrage that he helped make a product called the “Buttleopener,” which is a bottle opener shaped like a (reasonably life-sized) woman’s panty-clad butt with the actual bottle opener in the general vicinity of her vagina. (Pic at the link is possibly NSFW.)
  • Marie Claire, for calling child soldiers “inspirational.” Which yes, the Kurdish women who are fighting to protect their people from Assad’s armies are pretty badass, but it’s creepy to post a picture of a 12-year-old girl with a gun as if that’s awesome instead of really sad.
  • All the media outlets that are focusing on Mayang Prasetyo being trans and a sex worker and digging up bikini pictures of her instead of treating the murder victim with any sort of respect.
  • Annie Lennox, for being the latest white person to try to criticize Beyoncé’s feminism.
  • Susan G. Komen for the Cure, because ARE YOU FRAKKING KIDDING ME???? (Ed. Friends, the time has come to just embrace the fact that we live in an absurdist parallel reality. Into the crevasse!)

Damnit, Obama, stop making jokes about Michelle having had to “train” you to be a good husband.

Josh Levin compiled timelines to compare how FSU and Tallahassee police have dragged out the investigation of Jameis Winston, who allegedly raped a fellow student nearly two years ago, to how the University of Florida announced on Monday that they were suspending freshman quarterback Treon Harris for allegedly raping a student on Sunday morning.

High fives to Aziz Ansari for this no-nonsense explanation of how to be a feminist.

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90% of the women who work in restaurants have been sexually harrassed on the job. That makes sense because I was sexually harassed about 90% of the time I was working in restaurants! Most of the time, it was easy to deal with, and playing into it meant my tip went up. Not playing into it? No tip at all. Sometimes it was creepy, though. I’d find myself desperately trying not to lean over the table, or buttoning my polo up while working behind a 95 degree bar. There really is no recourse for being hit on, felt up, pulled onto laps, etc. You just laugh it off and tell yourself, “If I can move this service faster, I can get them out of here in half an hour. Just be pleasant.”

It pisses me off when I see tabloid covers and entertainment stories ON THE NEWS about women needing to lose weight after having children. For one thing, it implies shit like four weeks out is not a reasonable time frame to go to pre-baby weight (you can’t even have sex for a minimum of two more weeks, let alone go running and weight lifting). For another, women are told in subtle and overt ways every single day of our lives that we are primarily supposed to have babies. Whether it is some politician attacking our right to medication and medical services, whether it’s a rom com movie that uses the odious phrase “biological clock,” or even a well meaning relative who asks you when your husband/partner is going to “marry you and give you a baby.” So in addition to all this bullshit, women are ALSO expected to instantly lose weight and look and act like they did before they ever had a child. Like, fuck you, societal expectations. Fuck you.

I’m super pissed this week anyway because I read a defense of Sam Harris and Bill Maher on the latter’s show against Affleck’s remarks on their racism. It bothers me so much that even liberals will use the most asinine rhetoric to justify THEIR racism. I have the right to vote and I vote liberal or Democrat, but only because conservative-brand racism is much, much worse.

~Speaking out~ as an American against misogyny in the Islamic world while the most misogynistic government in the Islamic world are US allies or US backed. As an Arab (nonobservant Muslim) woman, I fucking can’t stand people who claim to be my or my sisters’ ally while attacking our faith and culture. Alienating the people whose rights you claim to champion is a funny way of advocating, isn’t it?

Also, “technically it isn’t racism because Muslim isn’t a race.” Facepalm.

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