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This Weekend Open Thread is Sick and Tired of Gamer Bros

Just stop, dudes.

Hey, so, misogynist gamer bros? Stop with your #GamerGate crapola. You are now defending the people who threaten to shoot, rape, and murder because a few women have dared to point out very real problems in gaming.

This is basically a living embodiment of Lewis’ Law, stating that the comments on an article about feminism justify the need for feminism. The reaction to women in gaming who speak out just prove why we need as many women as possible to speak out about problems in the gaming industry.

And before anyone starts with me: I don’t care what trumped-up crimes any of these woman allegedly committed. They are being driven from their homes in fear because some d-bag brosefinos decided to tweet threats at them. DRIVEN FROM THEIR HOMES. That outweighs any bogus “scandal” you can make up.

So you know what? Suck it, Gamergate assholes.

By [E] Liza

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I made a pretty low-key tweet about how GamerGate is silencing girls and women, and I had no less than FIFTEEN dudes replying to my tweet telling me how wrong and ignorant I am, it’s about journalistic integrity, blah blah blah. When I refused to engage with them, they called me “prejudiced” and said that I was “running away from discussion.”

Like, dudes, you all just totally proved my point.

Lewis’ Law, INDEED.

I’m just confused. If this were about journalistic integrity, then why aren’t they attacking the male journalist? It really irks me that they’re only attacking women. Gah. I have feelz. Also, why can’t they have an actual discussion instead of threatening people?

One of the more recent times that I tried to discuss misogyny on Twitter (it may have been around the time of the #yesallwomen/#notallmen thing) there were two guys who blatantly attacked me (calling me nasty names because I am a single mom, saying that I would enjoy being raped, relentlessly hurling insults.) One of my (male) Twitter friends stepped in and, after I blocked them, they were telling him that they were just trying to have a discussion and I was just dodging their questions.

I really don’t understand that mentality (“Why won’t you sit here and let me attack you??!!!”) but I guess it’s because I’m not a troll nor am I a dude.

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