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New Show Recap: Once Upon a Time 4×02, “White Out”

It’s time for the second episode of the fourth season of Once Upon a Time! Let’s see what happens in this episode!

We again see Elsa in Gold’s shop. She decides that she will create a wall of ice around the town and that no one will leave until she finds out what happened.

We later come upon Anna, who knocks on a door. The person who answers isn’t shown at first, but it’s revealed to be Charming. Charming knew Kristoff back in Arendelle. Anna tries to give a false name, but Charming is able to see through it because he recognizes Kristoff’s ring. He urges her to sleep in the barn because a carriage is coming.

At the Charmings’ house in Storybrooke, Snow is putting the new baby down for a nap and Henry is getting ready to go over to Regina’s to keep her company. Regina sends him a note stating that she needs some space. Henry is put out, but Emma explains that Regina just needs some time. Suddenly, the power goes out, and Charming and Emma go out to investigate. They see that the reason behind it is the wall of ice, and Elsa is hiding within it watching them.

Granny, Grumpy, and Sleepy come to Snow’s house because Regina has, in their opinion, not done her job as mayor. They’ve nominated Snow White to act as a leader. They urge her to get the grid back up, but she can’t, and she gets frustrated and tells them to buy flashlights and leave her alone.

Hook joins Charming and Emma at the site of the ice wall, and Hook teases her about the issue with this being their second date. Emma sees someone within the wall and goes to investigate. Charming tells Hook he will need to have a talk with him and Hook assures him his feelings for Emma are true.

Emma encounters Elsa in the wall, and asks her why she is in Storybrooke. Emma tells Elsa she is looking for her sister, and Emma seeks to help her.

The landlady of Charming and his mother’s farm emerges from her carriage to collect rent. When Charming and his mother can’t pay, the landlady uses her magic shepherd’s crook to brand them as one of her flock so that she can always find them. Anna urges Charming to fight back and promises to teach him to fight with a sword, all the while letting details drop about her ideal identity. It’s clear that this villain is Little Bo Peep, a warlord who has taken power and is now governing their part of the country.

Hook and Charming try to venture into the wall of ice after Emma, but Elsa panics and creates another wall, leaving herself and Emma contained in the ice wall.

Charming tries to radio Emma, and Hook begins to use his hook to claw at the ice to try to get to Emma, but to no avail. They know they will need magic to break down the wall.

Anna is teaching Charming how to fight with a sword, and we see that Anna is a skilled swordswoman. Charming is frustrated because it’s difficult, and he would rather do what he needs to so he can survive. Anna tells him about what happened, and that surviving isn’t living. She accuses Charming of being a coward. Charming tells Anna about how his father died as a result of something resembling drunk driving and that some forces can’t be fought. Anna urges him to be stronger and that she can help him.

Within the ice wall, Emma tries to reason with Elsa. Elsa demands that they find Anna before she freezes Storybrooke. It’s clear Elsa is very frightened and only just wants to find her sister, and Emma is trying to calm her down and work with her.

Snow is at the power grid with Granny, Sleepy, and Grumpy, and they’re trying to get the power back on. Snow finally loses her temper with them and tells them she doesn’t know how to fix it.

Emma and Elsa talk some more and Emma has her sussed out: Elsa has magic, and she has issues controlling it. Anna is the one thing that helps Elsa control her magic. Elsa tries to get Emma to use her magic, but Emma is so cold that she can’t use her magic. Elsa tries to keep Elsa alive, but Emma loses consciousness.

Charming and Hook go to Rumpel so he can undo the spell, and when Charming sees the information on the necklace, it all makes sense.

Bo Peep branded Anna in the Enchanted Forest and hid her away somewhere. In Storybrooke, they find Bo Peep’s butcher shop and retrieve her shepherd’s crook to call her slaves to her. Hook then gets a message on his radio: it’s Elsa, telling them Emma has passed out and is freezing to death.

We see Bo Peep wearing Anna’s necklace as Charming comes to her with the money. He beats Bo Peep’s men and then Bo Peep on a sword fight. He uses Bo Peep’s shepherd’s crook to find Anna and discovers her locked in a barn and rescues her. He credits Anna for giving him the courage to do what he had to do.

Charming and Hook return to the ice wall and Charming tries to encourage Elsa to melt the ice. Charming tells Elsa that Anna would not want her to just survive, but live. Elsa is able to melt the ice wall so she and Emma can escape. Charming vows to help Elsa find Anna, even though Elsa acknowledges she both saved and endangered Emma. Charming is able to see that Elsa is frightened, like he was at one time, and he wants to help her find Anna because of how Anna helped him face his fears and fight.

Snow is at the power grid with her baby and she realizes that the power grid needs fuel to start working when her baby starts crying to be fed.

Charming, Hook, Elsa, and Emma return to the Charming loft so Emma can get warm. Elsa is upset that she won’t be able to find Anna, but Charming vows to help her.

In the Enchanted Forest, as Anna is getting ready to leave, she asks Charming’s mother about magic being a normal thing in their realm because her parents had an issue with magic. Charming’s mother writes down a name for her. Guess who it is. He’s been watching the entire time.

Elsa and Charming use the staff to try to find Anna, and they hear a heartbeat. They haven’t found Anna, but they know she’s alive. The Charmings vow to help Elsa find Anna.

Henry and Regina reunite after he tells he won’t give up on her.

Elsa tries to bring the wall down, and she can’t. She wonders why because she has never seen anyone else with this power.

Later, we see Grumpy in an ice cream shop. He asks the woman behind the counter if she was affected by the blackout, and she states she wasn’t. After he leaves, the woman’s power of ice and cold is revealed. It’s the Snow Queen.

Stay tuned for next week — this season is starting to look like it’s going to be good!

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