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I am reviewing some new shows this week. Fate/Night Unlimited Blade Work started with a one hour Episode 0 that was totally worth it. Shingeki no Bahamut looks promising with the magic and swashbuckling, and Psycho-Pass is back for a second season. From the older stuff, Argevollen showed off more new mecha and Sword Art Online finally ended its first arc. It was about time. G no Reconguista continues its weird storytelling.

Argevollen ep 14

I’m starting to think that Linkage should read his stress level. Susumu reached new heights and that can only be bad, especially with the official information this week that Kybernes was working on the project that made Susumu’s sister go crazy.

The Ilgemia got a new mecha, and we don’t really have to guess who the pilot is. I’m sure he’s super happy about it, especially now that he found the Argevollen. His superiors don’t seem that happy, though. I’m not sure what is happening in Ilgemia, but those higher-up don’t seem to get along with General Zarl nor the Intelligence division.

Look at these two brothers. I prefer the Sturm Alpha (on the right)
Look at these two brothers. I prefer the Sturm Alpha (on the right)

Also, it seems like Kybernes and Fordergrunt (who made the Ilgemia Sturm Alpha) belong to the same mother company and they just want to sell mass-produced mecha before something called the NR Syndrome shows up. Wanna bet that’s what made Susumu’s sister go crazy?

Sword Art Online II ep 14

Sinon + sniper rifle equals the “I win” button, but so does Sinon + radio. Kirito wasn’t that great at his rescue, so he had to be rescued.

Sinon’s school “friends” (well, bullies) are kind of morons. Bringing a gun to school and pointing it at someone, even a BB gun, takes a special kind of idiot. And it appears that Sinon is a pro with guns in the real world too, once she controls her fear.

The rest of the episode was mostly exposition about why the brothers murdered people and some cathartic moments for Sinon via Asuna and Kirito.

Gundam: G no Reconguista ep 3

Bellri’s mom is suspicious. His Holiness and the General, too. Noredo is kind of weird. She sleeps in Bellri’s house when his mother doesn’t even know who she is. She also keeps on saying that Bellri is in love with Aida the entire episode, which is kind of annoying. On top of that, Aida and Bellri both have a pendant that is exactly the same. Blood related? I’m at least going to bet that Bellri is adopted.

So, mecha have toilets. Not surprising, and I guess that explains a few things, but it kind of looks stupid.

This episode gave even more the impression whoever is writing this is not that good at comedy. The serious stuff is awesome, the stupid stuff is not. Although, some of the serious stuff is rather funny. Like the General saying, “The G-self is in the process of being stolen,” in a total monotone voice like he didn’t care. There were four people aboard: the three who flew it before and Noredo. Yep, three girls and one guy.

Shingeki no Bahamut: Genesis

(Watch on Funimation)

Now this is interesting. A fantasy anime, with swashbuckling magics, demons, and raging dragons in the style of anime from the end of the ’80s and early ’90s. I’m totally in.

Favaro is a bounty hunter and he meets up with a Lady, who really wants to get to place called Helheim. Favaro made the claim he had a shortcut to get there, but it might be a lie.

Most of the episode is Favaro acting all Han Solo and getting in trouble for it.

Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works ep 0

(Watch on Crunchyroll)

I don’t know a lot of people who make one hour-long prologue episode, but Ufotable did one. It was weird once you compare it to the Deen Fate/Stay night anime though.

All of the elements are the same, such as characters, places, personality, but it is all from Rin’s perspective. Although, at the same time some stuff was different. This show expects that you watched Fate/Zero.

Still, Rin and Archer have the best partnership ever. Archer doesn’t know how he is and Rin is all sad she didn’t get Saber. Also, I though that someone who had no wishes couldn’t summon a Servant. See, Rin has no wishes, she’s just fighting to win.

Poor Rin. You are too naïve, dear.

Psycho-Pass 2 ep 1

(Watch on Funimation, need to filter for season 2)

Psycho-Pass is back! With a new studio and writer, but it looks the same. Akane is still a badass and going against normal conventions. Ginoza matured (and looks cool like his dad). Yayoi didn’t do much still (need more Yayoi).

299/300, the scale of Justice
299/300, the scale of Justice

We get three new members in Division 1:
A new inspector (Mika), 1.5 years in service, but she acts a bit like a rookie. She was in the first season; she had one of her friends turned into a sculpture (yeah, that creepy storyline).
A new kid who didn’t say much and acted like a sweet boy, I wonder why he is an enforcer. Probably something creepy.
A guy in his ~30s called Togane which is hinted by the opening sequence to have link with Sibyl. I don’t trust him. Although, I trust him more than the new rookie inspector.

The ending of the episode had a twist. There is another guy behind the first criminal encountered this episode. He likes holograms and seems to be able to fool Sibyl (as in, he’s not in the system).

Saying all that, the opening sequence was a bit too psychedelic.

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