Weekly Anime Review

Another week and more awesome anime. Argevollen takes a turn for the very dramatic. G no Reconguista somewhat advances the plot. Shingeki no Bahamut has a cheery demon. Fate/Stay Night has another long episode that felt too short. So did Psycho-Pass.

Argevollen, Ep 15

Ghost vs. Arge episode, again…and it ends with our main character going crazy, kind of like his sister. His linkage level reached 100% and he went berserk on Alpha Strum.

Arge was also slapped by his own arm. Kind of awesome, in a way, and sad, I guess.

Arge getting slapped in the face.
Arge getting slapped in the face.

The Captain and the XO are pretty sure it’s the same tech that screwed over his sister, too. They suspended Susume from piloting Arge again, he was a bit surprised because he doesn’t remember anything.

Sword Art Online II, Ep 14.5

Recap episode

Gundam: G no Reconguista, Ep 4

So Bellri has super powers, I guess, I’m not sure what happened there exactly.

Aida is super important to the “Pirates,”it seems like her father is super important as well. She also has a mecha that looks like the G-Self called the Arcane. It’s pink…

There appears to be something fishy with the Capital Army. First, the General used the excuse of Bellri and the other kids being kidnapped to do a military sortie. Second, they made a show of it to everyone at the Academy. Third, Bellri and his mom don’t seem to actually know anything about the Capital Army. Apparently, the army was created because something from the sky was coming to hurt Bellri’s mother. O_o I think there is a problem with the subs.

Shingeki no Bahamut: Genesis, Ep 2

There is a Jeanne D’Arc with godly powered golems in this. She has an army called Orléans Knights. I didn’t expect this to be an alter-Earth show. We also see a bunch of gods and they are scared that two keys get together. It’s not hard to understand that those keys are what is restraining Bahamut.

Favaro is in deep trouble, he got a demon tail and now Kaisar is after him all the more. Seems like he blames Favaro for what happened to his family.

Favaro, I’m not sure giving so many alcoholic drinks to a demon is a good idea. Although, she did turn out to be a good dancer and a nice girl who just wants to meet her mother. Why do I have the impression she’s being used?

Amira and Afro-Head
Amira is a bit too cheery for being a demon

Favaro, I think your horse prefers Amira. He also appears more intelligent than you at the moment.

Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works, Ep 1

Another one-hour episode, well 40 minutes. Although, it’s like episode zero, but from Shirou’s point-of-view.

This means more hopeless Sakura and crazy-teacher (Fujimura). Shinji is even more annoying than in the first episode, too. Also, Rin really doesn’t pay attention to the news, while Shirou does. Lots of “gas leaks” and murder happening near the school.

I didn’t expect the flashback to 10 years ago (aka the end of Fate/Zero) to be this emotional when mixed with all the childish “I want to save everyone” wish.

Saber is still Saber. Really girl, always going everywhere head-on.

Psycho-Pass 2, Ep 2

Holy Moly. We have a really great holo engineer (or someone who knows a great holo engineer) who actually play by the rules of Sybil: if your psycho-pass is clear, you are not a criminal. He basically goes around clearing people’s psycho-pass despite them committing crimes.

He also entered Akane’s apartment room to scratch her wall. So he double up as a creepy stalker. He’s name is Kirito Kamui.

Togane is trying to be Kougami-like a bit too much. Going by how Akane buys the same cigarettes Kougami was smoking just to get the scent of them, there is probably something at work here.

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