Dispatches from Ladyblogland

Dispatches from Ladyblogland

Here’s what we read and talked about this week.

Not strictly ladyblogland material, but all of us were fascinated by this article from Wired about the people who keep the worst of the worst off of social media. Wired

This new FKA twigs video has been all over ladyblogland:

9 ways that Veronica Mars was feminist as hell. Vulture

The Riveter’s review of Amy Poehler’s book.

Are you a dude? Do you want to talk to other dudes about not being terrible to women? Here’s how.

Badass suffragettes.

Your request of gotta hear both sides has been denied. The Toast

The best of Amy Poehler’s Reddit AMAA. Jezebel

The fascinating and horrifying story of Margaret Keane, who was forced to paint under her husband’s name. The Guardian

The Baltimore Black Girl Scowl.

This movie sounds amazing.

What did you read?





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