Dispatches from Ladyblogland

Dispatches from Ladyblogland

Ladyblogland let us know about some awesome stuff this week.

An interview with Brianna Wu, an independent game developer who took plenty of heat because of GamerGate. Feministing

Who failed Wendy Davis?

The Crunk Feminist Collective is running a truly excellent series from incarcerated women.

Does the New York Times crossword have a sexism problem? Ravishly

Everything about this article about dressing in academia is accurate. The Guardian

Fetal photography and the politics of abortion. Sociological Images

Important questions: Why hasn’t anyone at the New York Times seen Good Burger?

The legacy of Clarissa Explains it All.

Comedy doesn’t just belong to the assholes anymore. The Daily Dot

Do you have impostor syndrome? (Raises hand.)

Ladyblogland (and the entire Internet) lost its collective shit over this adorable, amazing, wonderful, cute baby sea otter.

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