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LTP: Most Embarrassing 00s Song You Know All The Words To

Unicorns let me bare my musical soul to you, and I’d like it if you bared yours to me. 

I recently happened upon this article from Vulture listing the most embarrassing songs you know all the words to from the early 00s. Now, while their list includes some real embarrassment, I refuse to be embarrassed for knowing the words to others.

Apparently my embarrassment is of the more Canadian persuasion. So unicorns, without further ado, here are the three most embarrassing songs I know all the words to. If you don’t believe me, just ask my best friend during karaoke.

This is only the beginning.

Sometimes I find myself singing this one when it’s not even playing. Then I have to go search for it on YouTube. Oh Canadian Jesus, no, I’m not having fun, but I’ll still sing along.

I guess life really is like this, Avril.

It’s funny how fate saw to bring Avril and Chad Kroeger together. They’re the perfect union of musical face palming. There you have it. Now please tell me some of you can compare to this list. And please, don’t think any less of me. I promise I like and know good music too!

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