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Lunchtime Poll: Giving Up on TV Shows

There are so many TV shows. With some, you don’t even have to make the decision of watching or quitting, they’re canceled (before their time). But what about the others?

Do you quit over bad writing? Horrible lazy tropes (let’s give the female character some rape to deal with!), bad acting? If the plot goes too fast or too slow? Which show should never have been canceled? And what was the last show you gave up on?

By freckle [M]

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I put up with a lot in terms of whackadoodle story lines, but the only shows I’ve dropped have been because I can only suspend my disbelief so much. I gave up on Glee when Rachel got the callback for Funny Girl and on Nip/Tuck because why the crap didn’t they go and get a g-ddamn security system already!?!

I have missed the last few seasons of The Simpsons. I’ve heard it’s gone downhill. Nevertheless, because I started watching it when “Simpsons Roasting On An Open Fire” first aired, I will cry when they announce an end date.

I “gave up” on The Simpsons mostly when I stopped paying for television service. I still enjoy watching any of the 15 seasons I have on DVD (I am aware 16 is out and 17 is coming out this year) and I have seen the movie at least five times by now, probably ten. Chances are likely I can find a Simpsons quote related to a day-to-day situation.

I usually quit shows when they make characters behave out of character. Like, why spend so much time building this character and building this world and then BAM you have them do something completely different from what we’ve been lead to believe is their personality. It was the reason I gave up on Grey’s Anatomy many many years ago.

I hate-watch shows, and sometimes I just can’t take it anymore, Girls is one example.

Other shows, if they’re moving too slow, I won’t watch during the season and instead marathon them online.

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