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New Show Recap: How to Get Away with Murder 1×07, “He Deserved to Die”

As soon as you see that cheerleader being tossed in the air, you know what time it is. It is time to get away with murder! And even though we have a confession from someone by the end of the episode, I’m not convinced that this is the person who really is getting away with murder.

Ok, so this week, we start out on the night of the bonfire but at a different location. No freaked out law students hovering over Sam’s bleeding skull. No, it’s Wes, washing blood off of Rebecca. Well, of course he is. That boy is just whipped and I don’t even know why.

The flashbacks are catching up and we’re getting closer. It’s two weeks earlier and Rebecca is telling her story to the Scooby Gang, ending it with a confession about how she dumped that girl’s body into the water tower. While they sit there with their jaws hanging open, she starts laughing. Hahahahaha, murder is so funny! Except when it isn’t and except when you are f**king with Annalise Keating, which I’d suggest you don’t do. Annalise goes OFF on her, getting in her face and calling her a white trash killer and a slut. Oh, but she’s not calling her that; she’s just making sure that Rebecca understands this is what people will say about her.

So now that Rebecca is sitting there with a new hole in her ass, there’s breaking news on the TV. Someone leaked to the press that Rebecca and that football player, Griffin, had sex the night that his girlfriend, Lila, was murdered, and that Rebecca initiated it and manipulated Griffin into killing Lila. I just…what? Whatever she’s got between her thighs must be good if it’s got the power to make some virgin football player kill someone and to make Wes act they way he does.

There’s no Case of the Week this week because Rebecca’s case is the focus right now. Griffin’s attorney wants to dig the dead girl up so they can look at some marks on her that might be puncture wounds from a woman’s fingernails.

After court, some sexy lawyer dude says hi to Connor, but Connor, being the slut that he is, can’t remember Mr. Cutie’s name. Typical. Meanwhile, Rebecca is being her usual awful self and fighting with everybody and their brother. “She’s a terrorist,” Annalise tells Sam later on when she’s at home. “Makes me grateful for the miscarriages.” Now, you know you’re an insufferable witch when you’re making people glad they never had babies.

Now Sam’s trying to get all touchy-feely with Annalise but she still is not over his bullshit. And Frank is not over Laurel’s either. Back at the office, this dude is completely ignoring her. And Michaela, aka Black Tracy Flick, is asking for some time off to go to an interview.

In walks Parks, the District Attorney who is arguing the case against Rebecca.

Surprisingly, the woman is there to help Annalise. She gives her a folder that apparently contains something that will help Rebecca’s case by destroying Griffin’s, something that the DA herself can’t use. Now hold onto your seats for a minute, because there’s a lot of flipping back and forth between the courtroom and Prof. Keating’s classroom.

In class: Keating is lecturing about how it’s legal to pay experts to testify.
In court: The Medical Examiner is testifying about Lila’s autopsy.
In class: Keating asks how to deal with experts who are messing up your case and Asher says the trick is to call their credibility into question; destroy their credibility.
In court: Keating reveals a case file that reveals that the Medical Examiner had been banned from testifying.
In class: Keating instructs them to find an expert to discredit the other expert.
In court: Another ME is saying that what he thought were freckles are post-mortem insect bites.

And now we’re at the Legal Aid office, where Laurel’s pseudo-boyfriend is working hard. He needs some help. He offers her a job. Back at Wes’ apartment, Wes is trying to work on Rebecca’s case, going all golly-gee-gosh on her and telling her she can do something with her life, go to law school, blah blah blah. He leans in and tries to kiss and she pops up off of that bed like it was a damn toaster and she’s an everything bagel.

Now we’re flashing forward to the night of the murder when she’s locked up in that hotel. She tells Wes that she killed Sam but that it was in self-defense. Nope, not buying it.

Back to Michaela’s interview, she’s rambling on about what a great opportunity it is to interview with this law firm. Except it’s not an interview. Her Down-Low fiance’s parents called her in to get her to sign a prenup.

Kanye singing, "If you ain't no punk holla we want prenup! It's something that you need to have 'Cause when she leave yo ass she gonna leave with half."

Back at Chez Keating, Sam walks in and sees Rebecca there. “Hey, Mr. Darcy.” Sam does not want that girl there, but he tells Annalise that he may have some info that could help her case. Turns out that the parents of his side piece, the dead girl, didn’t trust the football player. They thought he had ulterior motives with that virginity pact.

So Annalise sends Frank and Laurel off on an assignment. Now it’s clear that Frank does not want to be there with her, but whatever. Laurel walks over to some lady walking her dog and pretends she’s all interested in this lady’s dog, but the lady is is actually Lila’s mom. Laurel convinces her to fight the petition to have her daughter’s body exhumed.

After court, Rebecca is boo-hooing. Connor is about to hook up with the dude whose name he suddenly remembers even though the dude has a boyfriend that he forgot about. Yep, right there in the courthouse in a bathroom stall. Damn, Connor!

Back at court, the DA is suddenly bringing in yet another report that proves that the marks on Lila’s body did come from a woman’s fingernails. Wait, so she helped Annalise then turned around and screwed her over?

Later that night, Annalise meets with Nate. He confronts her about planting the phone in the car. “I tried to give you an out. Don’t forget that when this all goes to hell.”

Back at that dirty motel, Rebecca calls 911 and hangs up. Don’t be stupid, girl. They’ve got caller ID. Sure enough, the phone rings after she hangs up. But it’s not 911. It’s Wes. He’s calling from the gas station like we saw in a flashback a few episodes ago.

And now we’re working on Rebecca’s case again. Bonnie sends the guys to find out why some woman changed her mind about something. (I was losing interest at this point. It happens.) But back at Keating’s office, Laurel is on the phone about making a decision on the Legal Aid job. Rebecca calls her out on it, Michaela overhears them, and Rebecca opens her big mouth and rats Laurel out. But then she sees the prenup in Michaela’s bag and calls her out too. She says she’ll be quiet if they’ll stop talking about her and Wes.

The guys are at the bar talking to this woman who changed her mind about something. Connor is playing it straight, literally, and trying to get info out of this woman but he ends up running his drunk mouth about how he cheated on his boyfriend girlfriend. But, anyway, back to the case. The plan is to try to have the plea deal rescinded. Rebecca says she’ll leak something and play like she doesn’t understand what a gag order is. We end up with her face on the front page of the local paper, claiming Griffin raped her. The judge chews her ass out for talking to the press then orders the exhumation with a new medical examiner of her choosing to examine the body.

At the apartment, Wes is avoiding Rebecca, telling her he has to study. So now that he’s rejecting her, she’s ready to give that boy what he’s been wanting this whole time.

Ok, these alternating scenes between the autopsy and these two going at it in bed are just gross. You can’t mix sex and dead bodies. That’s a fact. Now they’re snuggling. Rebecca gets him to open up. He was born in Haiti and moved to Ohio when he was 1, he’s allergic to peanuts, and his mom killed herself when he was 12.

Connor goes to drop flowers off at Oliver’s door and some hottie answers. Connor assumes Oliver moved and apologizes to the hottie at the door. Nope, it’s still Oliver’s place, he’s just in the shower.

Frank asks Laurel if she’s going to say goodbye before she takes that job at Legal Aid. Rebecca told him. He says he’ll stop being a jerk. and they end up having that weird hate-sex right there on the porch.

Switch to Rebecca digging through a freezer at a convenience store, looking for some post-nookie ice cream. Officer Nate approaches her. “I know you didn’t kill Lila,” he says to her. “We both know who did.”

Back at Chez Keating, Sam is trying to get Annalise to put her work away and give him some loving but they’re interrupted by Bonnie. (Go figure. That woman has the worst timing.), She heard back about the autopsy. It was ant bites, not fingernail marks. But there’s more. They missed something in the first autopsy. Lila was 6 weeks pregnant.


So now we’ve got a motive. Is it Sam’s baby? His face has GUILTY written all over it. All hell is going to break loose next week. Did Sam kill Lila? Did Rebecca kill Sam? Come back next week and find out.

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