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New Show Recap: How to Get Away with Murder 1×08, “He Has a Wife”

Watching people talking about #WhoKilledSam on Twitter is like playing a game of Clue. “It was Professor Keating…in the study…with the trophy!” Fortunately, the game is almost over and we’re about to find out who did kill Sam. We’re also going to find out why, I hope. But it won’t be this week. No, this week we’re just going to throw a few more suspects and motives into the mix.

Unlike previous episodes, this one didn’t start with the bonfire and the flying cheerleader. It starts with the first victim, Lila, on a table in the morgue, being sewn back up after that autopsy do-over. Suddenly her cold, gray face morphs into a live one. She speaks! It’s a flashback to six months earlier. Lila and Rebecca are kicking back, snorting lines, and talking about sex. Lila’s telling Rebecca she met someone. Mr. Darcy. But she can’t tell anyone who he is because he has a wife.

Cut to where we left off last week with Bonnie telling Annalise that Lila was pregnant. She makes Bonnie stay to be a witness. As much as Bonnie enjoys being all up in their business, she tries to leave but Annalise won’t let her. “Do not leave!” Ok then. Obviously Sam is saying he doesn’t even know if the baby was his. Hell, he didn’t even know she was pregnant. “You should have worn a condom,” Annalise mutters to him as she walks away.

Back to Crim Law class. Prof. Keating is introducing a new case to her class. Not sure how she’s allowed to share evidence with people who aren’t involved in a case but she’s showing them a security camera video of some Type A Mom dragging her nanny’s body out. The woman has some kind of condition where she does things while she’s sleepwalking and sometimes these things include killing people. But Type A won’t stop trying to plan the perfect birthday party for her daughter long enough to talk to the lawyer that’s trying to defend her against first degree murder charges.

The Scooby Gang is back at Keating’s office. Michaela is griping about doing all of Bonnie’s work and not having time to study, Asher is being a dork, and Connor is inviting Wes over for an Adderall-fueled study session. Keating calls the Puppy into her office to tell him Lila was pregnant. She asks him not to tell Rebecca because it might make her act out in a way that could hurt her case. So why tell him if she doesn’t want Rebecca to know? Because she learned not to keep secrets from him. Sure, let’s go with that.

So what does he do? He runs straight to Rebecca and tells her. I’m glad the scenes with these two are brief. Their relationship is about as steamy as day-old oatmeal. Now Rebecca is meeting up with Officer Nate. Well, technically, he’s just Nate now since he lost his job. She’s telling him about the pregnancy and Nate wants her to do some dirty work. Grab a sample of his hair from the Keating bathroom, he tells her.

Flashback to Lila and Rebecca hanging out again. “We did it.” As she’s going into all the details about her first time with Mr. Darcy, she gets a text. Yep, it’s that infamous dick pic.

Rebecca shows up at Chez Keating, pretends to be looking for her gloves, and then asks to use the bathroom. She needs to get her hands on that DNA sample. Sam tells her to leave and don’t come back unless Annalise is there.

Back to the Type A Mom case and the Scooby Gang is interviewing the family. They find out that Mom took a sleeping pill, that Grandma watches too many crime TV shows, and that Mom gets pretty horny when she’s knocked out. What they don’t find out is that the son was sleeping with the nanny. The boy doesn’t drop that bomb until he’s on the stand.

Out in the hallway, Michaela is chewing out her fiance over the phone for that whole prenup thing and Annalise rips into Connor for not finding out about the 3 a.m. visits the son was having with the nanny. Bonnie tries to defend him which turns out to be a big mistake.

Back at the office, Connor is offering to share his copy of an old test for Keating’s class. Laurel is suddenly getting texts from Frank. What? Oh, they’re going to just go at it in the back seat? Oh, ok. While they do…that, Asher is sucking up to Bonnie. But Bonnie has bigger fish to fry. As she’s trying to give Sam some intel, Annalise walks in. Bonnie leaves (shocking!), which leaves Annalise and Sam alone. Uh oh. We’re about to see Vulnerable Annalise again.

“How many times was it? Seven? That’s all it took for you to knock her up? This is what I get. This is what happens when you screw somebody else’s husband. You become sad, barren…and even a dead girl is more of a woman than you.” Oh, honey. Don’t cry, Annalise. You are TEN times the woman that girl was! Sam promises to do whatever it takes to make things right again. Oh, you mean including get your brains spilled out all over the floor? Deal. (Confession: At this point, I am looking forward to Sam getting killed.)

Flashing back to August, another scene with Lila and Rebecca. Lila’s crying because Darcy wants to end it, talking about how her virgin football player boyfriend was right, that bad things do happen when you have sex. And in classic homewrecker style, Lila fantasizes about telling Darcy’s wife.

Back to the present, Rebecca is telling Nate she couldn’t get a DNA sample but suggests there’s another way. And Connor is over at the Type A Mom’s house trying to bond with the son, seeing if he can get him to confess or something. Instead he finds out that the nanny gave the boy an STD. Michaela, being the genius that she is, figures something out but she’s not sharing with the rest of the class. Instead, Annalise whips the big secret out in the middle of the courtroom. Turns out Daddy knew that the son had an STD. Also turns out that Daddy had the same STD. Can you say “motive”?

Daddy knew that if his Type A wifey was nearly comatose, it was almost guaranteed that she’d try to clean up a mess in her sleep, even if the mess was a dead body. Yup, he killed the nanny and had the wife mop up the blood. And here I am feeling guilty if I let one of my cats clean it up when the other one pukes.

You’d think Type A Mom is relieved to be free from murder charges She’s not. But let’s just sit here and let Annalise project all over her for a minute. “That burn you feel right now is not because of what I did, it’s because of what he did. He lied to you, betrayed you, took advantage of your loyalty and trust. And that’s unforgivable. You’ll thank me one day.”

Back at Keating’s office, Michaela is determined to get that trophy now that she thinks she’s earned enough brownie points. It’ll have to wait though. Her future mother-in-law stopped in for a friendly visit. And by friendly visit, I mean an ambush to intimidate her into signing that prenup. “You sign or I will make sure that you go back to that nasty backwood bayou swamp you came from, you stubborn bitch!” Well now.

Oh geez. Here we go with another quickie between Frank and Laurel. Oh wait. Is this a threesome? Nope, just Frank’s girlfriend who decided to come home early and surprise him. Surprise!

On the front porch of Chez Keating, Bonnie is telling Sam that she met Lila the night she was killed. She answered the door the night that Lila showed up banging on the front door, frantic and demanding to see Annalise, going on about some secret. Ah, so Bonnie knows that Sam DID know that Lila was pregnant! And what does Sam do? He gets all smoochy with Bonnie to try to persuade her not to tell “Annie.” Unfortunately for him, his charms just aren’t working on her. Bonnie tearfully confesses to Annalise that she knew what was going on with Sam and Lila. She is literally on her knees, crying to this woman, telling her how Sam kissed her to try to get her not to tattle on him. “He thought he was finally giving me what I wanted but…” And just like that, she’s fired.

Now Nate is giving Rebecca some device that will get a bunch of info off of Sam’s phone. Wes happens to see Nate dropping her off and all hell breaks loose. For some reason, he expected loyalty out of her. Why, dude? What has she ever done for you?

While Connor is interrupting Wes and Rebecca’s spat, Michaela is interrupting Asher’s solo version of Dance Party USA. She’s pretending it’s a social call but she just wants that damn trophy. This girl is obsessed. Looks like somebody didn’t get enough gold stars as a kid. She rejects a call from her fiance. I have a feeling that’s going to be important later. Something about her alibi maybe? Laurel shows up at Wes’ building, late for their study session, and stands there with Connor, watching Wes bang on Rebecca’s door. So I guess now we know why this little group was all together the night of Sam’s murder.


Back at Chez Keating, Annalise is on the phone. She tells Sam it was the DA’s office. “Since Lila was pregnant, I’m demanding that they collect DNA samples of all the men in her life…including her teachers.” Oh snap!

So where are we on the whole “who killed Sam” thing? Do you think you know? Have you changed your mind? Do you still have no clue? Here’s what I’m thinking: Bonnie did it. In her mind, she’s doing it for Annalise. She tells Annalise and, being the brilliant woman she is, Annalise helps Bonnie cover it up. Bonnie goes to Asher’s for some lovin’ (and an alibi) and Annalise calls her while she’s there to give herself an alibi. Now I don’t know if the Scooby Gang is covering it all up because she asked them to or what but I wouldn’t be surprised to find out that she did, knowing that they practically worship the ground she walks on.

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