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New Show Recap: How to Get Away with Murder 1×09, “Kill Me, Kill Me, Kill Me”

As I write this, it is Friday morning, over 8 hours since last night’s How to Get Away with Murder episode ended, and I am still trying to process what happened. I’ll warn you now, this recap is a lot longer than usual because there’s just so much to cover!

Let’s start from the beginning. The flashbacks are over and we have finally caught up to the current time, the night of the bonfire and the night that someone killed Sam Keating. The episode picks up where last week left off, with Annalise finding out that Sam knew Lila was pregnant. Annalise is raging hard, packing Sam’s stuff and throwing it out on the porch. She tells him to get out before she calls 911 as she’s grabbing the phone. He snatches the phone out of her hand and throws it across the room. What comes next is a scene that will have you thinking that this man deserved to die (if you weren’t thinking that already).

But before we get to that scene, we need to check in with the Scooby Gang. All but one of them — Asher — are in Connor’s car, trying to find Rebecca. Wes believes she’s in danger and that she’s going to Chez Keating to try to use that jump drive that Nate gave her.

Ok, now we can go back to that big fight between Annalise and Sam. They’ve moved into the kitchen, which is really not a good place to be when you’re fighting like this. Too many sharp objects. Y’all, I cannot even give this scene the description it deserves without writing out every single word that they say, but that’s just too much. You have to watch it. Annalise tells him that she was just some kind of Black Woman trophy to show what a good guy he is and he tells her she’s just some scared little girl trying to act tough. Then she drops this bomb: “I’ve been screwing another man.” Oh honey, let it all out!

Ugh! Now we’re back to the Scooby Gang. Wes is explaining how he blackmailed Annalise to help Rebecca and how he thinks Sam killed Lila. Ok, now we can get back to World War III with the Keatings. Annalise is telling Sam how good her other man treats her, how he knows what she likes and how she likes it. She tells Sam that the only way she could get through being with him is to think of Nate. And then here it goes…

Sam grabs Annalise by the throat. He slams her up against the wall. Annalise is testing him to see how far he’ll go, to see if he’s capable of choking her the way he choked Lila. “Kill me!” she dares him. He lets go. “You’re a monster.” Wait, did HE just call HER a monster? Oh I’m sorry, I must have missed the part where a mirror suddenly appeared on Annalise’s face.

“You’re nothing but a piece of ass,” he says. “That’s all you were good for. Dirty, rough sex, too ashamed to tell anyone about. That’s how foul you are, you disgusting slut.”

BACK THE F**K UP! Annalise, honey, you could kill him right now and not one person would judge you for it. But just sit tight. He’s about to get what he deserves.

So she storms out of the house. Meanwhile, Rebecca is waiting across the street, jump drive in hand. Sam is alone, chugging booze in the kitchen, when Michaela walks in carrying that trophy. Sam tells her to come back later, but Michaela refuses to leave. Rebecca walks in and Sam gets suspicious. “Why are you both here?”  Rebecca tells Michaela to call Wes then runs up the stairs and locks herself in the bedroom. Sam is banging on the door. Rebecca is plugging the drive into his computer. Michaela is screaming at Wes on the phone to hurry up and get there. Sam finally breaks open the door and Rebecca runs out and locks herself in the bathroom.

The Scooby Gang arrives. Wes talks Rebecca into coming out. After saying that he’s not going to do anything, Sam steps aside to let them leave, but then he tackles Rebecca. There’s a struggle. Laurel gets the jump drive and starts running out the door. Sam chases her. Michaela pushes him to stop him from getting Laurel, and he goes flying over the railing and hits his head on the way down.

That’s it. Michaela killed him.

While all of this is going on, Annalise is sitting in her car outside the police station. The gang is freaking out, arguing about whose fault this is and what they’re supposed to do now. Suddenly, they hear Rebecca grunting. Sam is on top of her, choking her! Uh, did nobody check this dude’s pulse? Because he certainly doesn’t look dead to me. Dead people don’t choke drug dealers. Everybody’s screaming then all of a sudden there’s a WHACK, blood everywhere, and then a thud. The camera pans around to each of them, hovering over Rebecca’s blood-spattered face. WHO DID IT? WHO IS HOLDING THE TROPHY?

It’s Wes. Wes killed him. For real this time.

So now they’re arguing about how to get rid of the body. They need to clean up this mess, literally and figuratively. Now we start seeing scenes that we saw in previous episodes. Wes cleaning blood off Rebecca. Michaela crying in the corner. Asher banging on the front door.

Next we see Bonnie sitting at a bar, watching the news report about the big DNA sweep related to Lila’s murder. Asher’s dancing at the bonfire. And Wes is setting Rebecca up at a motel. She’s insisting on taking the blame for Sam’s murder, claiming self-defense. Wes leaves and then suddenly remembers that nobody grabbed the trophy/murder weapon. Good thinking, Wes!

Now we’re back to that scene where the gang is in some wooded area arguing about disposing of the body. (Apparently “bitch baby” is Shonda’s new favorite phrase, considering we heard it on Scandal earlier and now Connor is using it.) They argue about what to do with the trophy. They argue, argue, argue.

Annalise shows up at Nate’s. She didn’t know where else to go. She asks him to go outside but he tells her that somebody is back in the hospital. Who did he say? Nee? Who is Nee? Oh well. Moving on…she tells Nate everything — about Lila being pregnant, about how Sam knew, about how she told the DA to test everyone’s DNA.

Now more arguing about the body, the brilliant idea to use the bonfire as an alibi, etc. After deciding what to do with the body, they head back to Chez Keating. Laurel flips out over Michaela getting calls from Aiden because cell phone towers. Laurel cleans up the trophy.

Back at Nate’s, Annalise is chilling out on his couch, completely unaware that the teacher’s pets are back at her house, rolling her dead husband’s body up in her fancy rug. And Bonnie is sleeping with some dude that was sitting next to her at the bar. Afterwards, she calls up Asher. Wow, two guys in one night? Flash over to Nate’s again where Annalise is trying to call Sam and getting his voice mail. She looks at a wedding photo. Ohhhh, that’s who is in the hospital! Nate is married! (Did we know that already? I don’t remember anything about him being married.)

And then Annalise ends up against a wall for the second time in one night. Only this time, it’s for a good reason.

Bonnie is trying to seduce Asher and he’s actually turning her down because she’s had too much to drink. Good for you, Asher! Except that she tells him she’s a grown woman and she knows what she wants. Awkward couch sex ensues.

Annalise slips out and leaves a purely satisfied Nate sleeping on his couch. She goes home and calls Sam. What follows is a really intense montage, flipping back and forth between Annalise leaving an emotional voice mail about how they’ve built a life together and the Scooby Gang working on building a fire to incinerate Sam’s body then trying to find Michaela’s ring. “Come home, Sam,” Annalise says. Oh, Annalise…if only you’d had this little change of heart a bit sooner.

Now it’s much later, almost dawn. Rebecca and Wes are at the motel. He destroys the thumb drive because it proves they were at the Keating house. Michaela goes home and sees her Vera Wang wedding gown hanging up. Connor is at Oliver’s, freaking out. And Laurel is giving Frank some big story about stealing the trophy and asking him to sneak it back for her. Bonnie is in bed with Asher and getting that call from Annalise. Annalise thinks Sam disappeared, that he “did something stupid.”

And now it’s morning. The trash left behind by the Scooby Gang is now in a garbage truck. Michaela is apologizing to her future mother-in-law, handing her a signed prenup. Connor is telling Oliver that he was high and he’s got a drug problem in order to cover up his freakout. Bonnie calls them all back to the office. A disheveled and distraught Annalise comes out and explains to them all that Sam is missing, that they had a fight about his affair with Lila.

“Sorry to involve you all in this…” If she only knew…

SHE DOES. SHE DOES KNOW! HOLY SHIT! She was sitting at her desk when Wes had gone back to get the trophy. SHE KNEW! She knew Sam was dead. She knew they killed him. And she went to Nate’s to get herself an alibi to go with that sex!


I just…I can’t…did she just…are they going to….OMG I CANNOT THINK STRAIGHT. And neither can these tweeters:

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Nate is married! To the sickly lady!

And I don’t think Bonnie had full blown sex with mister 1? But damn, I like what we’re seeing of her, I don’t trust her for one bit.

And holy moly, I really felt good when I thought it was Michaela because I had guessed that. But of course we need Wes in. I still don’t buy his For Rebecca act.

I had no idea he was married! And all this time I was wondering why she didn’t just leave that lying, cheating husband of hers and just be with Officer Sexy. Well now I see why!

I still think there’s something Wes is hiding. His whole persona is a big act.

Bonnie has such an obvious crush on Annalise. I really wouldn’t be surprised if SHE killed Lila because she knew the girl was pregnant and would have done anything to stop Annalise from being hurt or maybe to get back at Sam for cheating on her or something. And I think going to Asher’s and Annalise calling her while she’s there is an alibi setup. I wasn’t sure if it was supposed to be implied that she went to that guy’s room or not. One minute they’re making out and the next she’s walking out of the building and calling Asher.

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