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New Show Recap: Once Upon a Time 4×07, “The Snow Queen”

Happy Monday, all! Time for another recap of OUAT‘s Frozen arc. Let’s see what this Sunday has in store for us!

The episode opens with three sisters playing in the castle gardens, chasing a kite. The kit gets stuck in a tree, and everything but the ribbon is ruined, according to Gerda. The sisters fight over the ribbon. The kite’s owner comes upon them and attempts to abduct the sisters. As he tries to abduct Gerda, Ingrid, the eldest, attempts to stop him. He kicks her aside, and when she falls, ice magic flows from her hands and knocks a tree branch to the ground. The branch lands on the kidnapper and he falls to the ground, unconscious. Ingrid is frightened of her new powers, but her sisters promise to keep her secret and help her control them.

In Storybrooke, Ingrid has commandeered the clock tower and has made herself at home there.

Robin comes to Regina again, and they argue about what Robin ought to do, since he still loves Marian and Regina. Regina rebuffs him and tells him to think of Marian.

Emma and Elsa have found a spell to take the Snow Queen’s powers from her. Elsa and Emma discuss their magical abilities and how their families treat then, and Emma’s family treats her no differently. Emma tries a spell, but she’s unable to concentrate enough for it to be a success.

Emma, who is supposed to babysit her little brother, shows up at the Mommy and Me classes Snow is taking, and there is talk of how Snow is, technically, a first-time mother, since they had to send Emma through the wardrobe to the world without magic. Emma is holding the baby bottle and it glows, showing that Emma’s magic is becoming stronger.

David calls Emma to let her know that the Snow Queen may be in the clock tower, and Elsa and Emma race to the clock tower to confront the Snow Queen. They cast the binding spell, and it works, leaving the Snow Queen powerless.

In Arendelle, Helga and Gerda are getting ready for their father’s birthday party, and Ingrid doesn’t wish to go. The younger sisters beg Ingrid to come, but she refuses, not wishing to ruin the ball for her sisters. Helga introduces a duke who is interested in marriage with her to her father, and the two dance. Ingrid is watching longingly from the French windows, concealing the powers she has no control over.

Emma and Elsa interrogate the Snow Queen about Anna’s whereabouts, and of course the Snow Queen is playing mind games. Emma sends Elsa out on an errand so she has time alone with the Snow Queen to question her about her past. The Snow Queen knows about Emma’s ability to detect lies. The Snow Queen insists that she has been nothing but truthful with Emma and predicts that Emma will let her go.

Regina is at home going through the fairy-tale book,and Henry comes to her with some help on tying a tie, since he has to wear a suit while working with Rumpel. Henry asks her if everything is okay, and she assures Henry that she has moved on, but she still wants a happy ending. Henry is still going to act as a spy to see what Rumpel knows about the fairy-tale book.

More conversations between Emma and the Snow Queen. The Snow Queen insists that she, Elsa, and Emma will be a family since family is made of bonds, not blood, and their powers bond them together. Remember that Hannibal episode with Molly Shannon? Think like that.

In the flashback, Ingrid is packing up to leave and insists that Helga take the throne in her stead. Gerda suggests that they try going to a man who could help Elsa control her powers, someone named Rumpelstiltskin. But the outfits. Why is Ingrid dressed like a peasant farm girl while her sisters are running around in empire gowns? Does not compute!

Belle, David, Elsa, and Hook are doing a search of the clock tower, and they discover that the magic mirror the Snow Queen has brought to the tower is a fake.

Meanwhile, despite the binding spell, the Snow Queen’s powers are still as strong as ever, and she uses her magic to encase the police station in ice so that no one else can get in.

Robin is in the bar playing darts, and Will Scarlet steps in. There is clearly some acrimony between the two, and this stems from events covered in OUAT in Wonderland. Robin tells Will again the story of how he met Marian: of how he stole a horse from her father, and. upon seeing that they were a poor farming family, returned the next day with two horses for her family and vowed to never steal for himself again and to rob from the rich and give to the poor. Marian made him into the man he is today, and he must remember that.

Rumpel gives Henry a potion and offers some cryptic advice for him. David and Belle ask for Hook’s help to break the Snow Queen’s spell. Rumpel does, but only because Belle asked him to. Hook already sees through him, and he guesses that Rumpel and the Snow Queen have a past that he has not yet disclosed.

The girls go to see Rumpel, and he tells them that the support of Ingrid’s sisters is enough to help her keep her magic under control. Rumpel offers a pair of magic gloves and the stone urn to contain her powers if they wish for magic, in exchange for the ribbons the girls have worn since their childhood signifying their promise to Ingrid. The girls consent to the deal.

Emma and the Snow Queen are still talking. The Snow Queen is trying to tell Emma that her parents screwed her over and that they take advantage of her powers, but if she makes a mistake, they will treat her like a monster. Emma is becoming more and more upset with the Snow Queen and finally screams at her to shut up, losing control of her powers and blasting a hole in the wall. Emma is shocked and demands to know what the Snow Queen has done to her, but the Snow Queen tells her that the power was all from Emma.

Emma surveys the damage she has done, and even though her family wishes to help her, she urges them to go away, causing a street lamp to topple and almost fall on everyone. Emma flees, and the Snow Queen smiles, since her plan to isolate Emma is working.

In the flashback, the duke Helga is seeing makes advances toward Ingrid, and starts kissing her even though she tells him no. She uses her magic to push him away, and Helga comes upon the scene. The duke lies and tries to tell Helga that it was Ingrid who made advances toward him, but Helga takes her sister’s part and ends the courtship. The duke threatens to tell the kingdom about Ingrid’s concealed powers, and Ingrid tries to freeze him in place to stop him, only for the magic to hit Helga instead. Helga looks into Ingrid’s eyes as ice overtakes her body, and as Ingrid reaches out to touch her, Helga’s ice-covered body crumbles into ice chips. Ingrid begins to panic.

Regina is in her vault and Robin comes to her again. Robin tells her that he has tried to live by a code to be a good person his entire life, and when Regina asks him why he has come to her, he replies. “Today isn’t one of those days.” He and Regina kiss passionately. Sexytimes are hinted at.

Snow, David, and Elsa are unable to find Emma, and they discuss how frightened she had been of them and how frightened they had been of her. They decide to find her.

In the flashback, Gerda finds Ingrid with Helga and demands of her what she has done. Ingrid begs for Gerda to help he, but Gerda, overcome with grief, accuses Ingrid of having killed their sister and having become a monster. She opens the urn and traps Ingrid within it. The glove is the only thing that remains, and later, Gerda visits the Rock Trolls. Gerda, as queen, begs them to use magic to make everyone in the kingdom forget her sisters. They warn her that magic comes with a price, and that the truth will come out, but Gerda is prepared to take the chance.

The Snow Queen comes to Rumpel and demands that he give her the ribbons she and her sisters once owned. She admits that she has learned the ways of the hat and that she knows what Rumpel wants: to be free of the dagger and to venture into the world with Belle at his side. The two strike up a bargain: she wants Storybrooke, and he will be able to leave. Rumpel asks her what is required of him, and the Snow Queen whispers it into his ear. “Not only can I do that,” Rumpel says, smiling, “but I will do it with great pleasure.”

And that’s it for this week. Doesn’t it seem more apparent to you that all roads lead to Rumpelstiltskin?

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