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New Show Recap: The Good Wife, 6.07: “Message Discipline”

All of Cary’s old demons are coming back from the grave, and most of them are named “Lemond Bishop.”

Finn gave Alicia a heads-up that the State’s Attorney office is on to all that cocaine going missing from the evidence room three years back; in turn, Alicia let Diane know. When Cary got called back into court on the matter, he didn’t look anything except completely bewildered. Kalinda started texting Cary during court (that was a terrible idea).

Eli was concerned that the political commentator Frank Prady (HEY IT’S NILES FROM FRASIER!) would be entering the Sate’s Attorney race on a petition, so he pressured Alicia to ask for his endorsement. Alicia sounded awkward and obvious during the meeting with him, but he DID give her cookies and scheduled an interview…

Kalinda pressured Cary to throw Peter under the bus and blame him for the cocaine going missing, and lo and behold, Peter received a subpoena to testify for Cary’s defence. Alicia’s old friend Ramona just got a job in Peter’s office after raising her kids for years, and she totally bailed him out, even though Eli, with his unusually dark eyebrows, dismissed her several times before she was heard.

Alicia and Mr. Elfman were working on interview prep for Frank Pradie’s show, and Elfman pulled out some seriously close to home questions about Zach’s girlfriend’s abortion and the rumors about Peter having an affair with an intern.

“This kind of BS is why many people don’t run for office!”

At the interview, Alicia came off as wooden and stilted, and both Eli and Mr. Elfman were freaking out. Frank Prady is definitely running, but maybe the political mod squad can “dirty him up” before his campaign even lifts off the ground.

Kalinda always has access to everyone’s personal information, and that’s how she got ahold of the lab assistant’s bank records. These proved that she was the one to let the cocaine slip out of evidence. Kalinda played the bad cop and intimidated her for answers, and it turned out that the missing informant from Bishop’s crew, Trey, is the lab assistant’s cousin — he was the one to take the cocaine. THE PLOT THICKENS. Kalinda broke into her car and downloaded her GPS data, which led her to Gary, Indiana.

Finn went to Castro, excited that they could connect Bishop to drug deliveries with Trey’s testimony, but Castro wasn’t interested in Bishop because he only wants to take Cary down to hurt Alicia’s campaign. Finn resigned from his post in protest, but seeing as Trey and his cousin died the next night in a “car accident,” that probably won’t make much difference.

Frank Pradie showed up at Alicia’s office spouting platitudes about how broken the system is, how he hates that campaigns turn into “bad reality shows,” and how yes, he will be running for State’s Attorney, acting like he had only just then decided to run. Alicia smacked him down with the knowledge that her team knew he had been preparing to run for at least a week, all the while he was making her jump through hoops for his endorsement.

“Don’t act like you’re trying to change the system — you ARE the system.”


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Castro is the Joffrey in this show, at least for now. SO EVIL that it’s almost over the top. I’m really excited to see David Hyde Pierce again – I don’t think he’s done much since Frasier, though I could be wrong.

I want them to bring back Nathan Lane – he was one of my FAVORITE recurring roles.

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