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New Show Recap: The Good Wife 6×08, ”The Red Zone”

To take a plea bargain, or not to plea bargain? That is Cary’s question this week. 

This week was another high intensity episode, packed with election campaigns, high-profile cases, and dodgy dealings. Between Alicia, Cary, Kalinda, and Lemond Bishop, this season is getting intense.

Both Alicia and Diane tried to convince Cary to take a plea deal. The recording is damning evidence that will be hard to overcome in court, and they both agreed that they would advise any other client to take the deal. Cary wasn’t convinced, and demanded to take the stand. During witness prep with Viola Davis, Cary proved that he is too much of a lawyer and not enough of a defendant.

It’s hard to be the defendant. Don’t ever do it.

Diane told Cary to get his head in the game and stop being an idiot, but Cary followed that advice up by violating the court order to stay away from Kalinda, discovering her kissing Lana. He then hid in her house like a total creep, and confronted her. He said that he doesn’t want to be with anyone else, but Kalinda replied:

Cary, we aren’t married. We aren’t even going steady.

Kalinda is still seeing Lana, who is now on Lemond Bishop’s unfortunate radar. He gave her a listening device to plant on Lana, and right when we all thought Kalinda would betray her, she smashed the device into pieces. Uh-oh, could this be curtains for Kalinda?

Alicia took a case that her brother Owen brought her, their first interaction since she confronted him about his private dalliances. The case was a young woman confronting her rapist and trying to have him expelled, while the school tried to cover it up and emulate pretty much every university in real life that deals with on-campus assaults. Alicia faced off against Louis Canning, who is now clearly very close to death (noooo!). He convinced the school to ”settle,” meaning they conducted a random search of the attacker’s room, found illegal drugs, and expelled him. Alicia urged her client to file a class action suit, but the poor woman just wanted to get back to her normal life.

In the election sphere, the Joffrey-esque Castor dropped out of the race, denying us the pleasure of watching him crash and burn in a ”Purple Wedding” type scene. Now it’s down to Alicia and the illustrious Frank Prady, and it’s going to be an intense race to the finish. Alicia got sidelined by a woman who said that she thought Alicia was privileged and out of touch, but in the end Alicia won her over, as we all knew she would.


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