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New Show Recap: The Good Wife 6×09, “Sticky Content”

The campaign trail is heating up, and so are Peter’s pants, because they are on fire. Liar, liar. 

It’s so corny with the boo ho music.

Watching the team put together a campaign ad really sheds light on how formulaic and manipulative political campaigns can be. The poor kid (probably an intern) working the controls isn’t very intuitive, but I’m sure he’ll learn.

Cows?! When have there ever been COWS in Chicago??

The FBI, Lana included, uncovered a recording of Lemond Bishop discussing “eliminating” Cary from the playing field. Cary won’t cooperate because he apparently has no regard for his own life, as per usual. Lana explained that Cary could be dead within the week, and he replied to the other agent:

The next time you bring me in, don’t have the woman who’s sleeping with my girlfriend break the news.

Wow, Cary, outing someone? That’s s uncool. Plus we already had this conversation, and Kalinda had no interest in being exclusive. Quit being an idiot. Diane enlisted Kalinda’s help in finding a body guard, who showed up at Cary’s apartment, comically taller than Kalinda.

Frank Prady showed up at Alicia’s office unexpected, and I can’t help but want him to win. Alicia is an amazing lawyer, and Frank seems like a pretty decent guy so far. He wanted to suspend negative campaigning, but I can’t imagine Alicia’s campaign team going for that. Alicia returned home and while checking through the “dirt” that Prady gave her, she discovered that Peter is cheating. Again. Surprise. Hey wait, is that the new employee at Peter’s office? The one who returned from work after being a stay-at-home mom?

The negative Prady video is absolutely ridiculous: “DINO: Democrat In Name Only!” The video manager looks like Bernard the Elf from The Santa Clause — Hi, Bernard! The team suggested that Prady is a closeted gay man, but Alicia nixed the ad, wisely. Oh, Saint Alicia!

Cary showed up at the office, bodyguard in tow, and who’s there to greet him but Lemond Bishop! Awkward handshakes for everyone!

Cary called Kalinda, who was “working on the wire tap,” as Lana got dressed in the background. Kalinda demanded the tape from Lana so that she could authenticate it and prove to Cary that it wasn’t faked.

During the joint interview, the woman Peter had an affair with (while Alicia was pregnant with their daughter), Ramona, was in attendance. After the interview, in the car, Alicia told Peter:

Zip up your pants, shut your mouth, and stop banging the help.

Alicia returned to her campaign team and agreed to let them use the courthouse interview. Prady released an ad of his own, starring his mother, who was….wearing the same dress as Alicia in HER ad? As a result, Alicia had to re-shoot the courthouse interview, which wasn’t as good. Frank’s supporters struck first with a cartoonish ad asking who Alicia is in bed with now; though Alicia refused to release the dinosaur ad, it was leaked to the PAC anyway. The two agreed to minimize attack ads, but with the PACs on the scene, their control is limited.

Cary, convinced that the tape was fake, showed up at Lemond Bishop’s house without his bodyguard, because he obviously has a death wish. As he stood in Bishop’s kitchen, Kalinda called to tell him that the tape wasn’t faked, and then Cary was like the goat tied to a post in Jurassic Park. Bishop admitted to threatening Cary, but said as long as he doesn’t flip, he won’t get hurt. Yikes.

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I watched all the episodes over the last month. I think I’ve seen maybe five episodes a season, so I filled in a lot of gaps. I have observations.

-The Alicia and Will affair lasted ten episodes out of six seasons. I was surprised it was so short in the show’s run.

-This show does a terrible job with non-heteronormative sex lives. Kalinda’s stories incorporate every bisexual stereotype ever and am I the only one who finds it totally out of character for a person like Owen to carry on with a married porn actor unknowingly? He’s a math professor ffs, so he’s obviously very bright. And when other people in the show are misled by a partner, they at least get to find out for themselves. I think the representation on the show is above average but I was surprised how much that jumped out at me from rewatching.

-Lemond Bishop had his son’s mother killed?! It adds a creepy dimension to all his fatherly time with his son.

-This show is pretty disingenuous about the accusations of racism. This is a very common tactic in entertainment. Someone is only accused of being racist after the audience gets to know them and an alternate motivation for their actions, inviting the viewer to conclude that this (and by extension, all) accusations of racism are just peripheral characters who fail to understand the situation. I get the sense that this show tries to leave it more open-ended than that, but I think they could do better than Monica Raymund glaring in the background as Amanda Peet gets hired.

-Season 1, I think? There was “Arabic music” which was the adhan played in round (?!) and the Arab terrorists were accompanied by captions with gibberish in unattached Arabic letters. I am glad they moved away from “easy terrorist target” because those scenes were almost painful to watch.

I do agree with you – the show IS better than average on representation, but sometimes they fall woefully short when it comes to crafting meaningful plots for marginalized characters. I get really annoyed with the “cheating bisexual” trope – can we not with that? I love Kalinda’s character but they sell her short. I also think that Owen’s story lines are less than excellent. He seems to only exist as “kooky gay brother” and that’s it.

I remember that bit in season 1. Ugh.

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