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New Show Recap: The Good Wife 6×10, “The Trial”

This is the last episode before the winter hiatus, and good grief is it a doozy. I feel light headed. Someone bring me a cup of tea and some fuzzy slippers.

The whole season thus far has led up to this moment. Cary’s trial date has arrived, and his luck continues to be absolutely horrendous. His case is given to a judge who is more concerned with getting last minute Neil Diamond tickets (dude, are you even serious right now) than Cary’s trial. He also gets a juror with an auditory processing disorder, and even though he is the only juror who is a ”slam-dunk” for Cary, he is dismissed due to his disability. Diane questions the narcotics detective, who admits that they set Cary up by switching the recording device on and off to selectively record what he said because he was afraid of Lemond Bishop.

Alicia makes a regrettable decision in writing a note to Grace’s teacher, jokingly threatening bodily harm if they don’t let Grace out of class. Predictably, this becomes an issue because people are opportunistic, greedy jerks, and the problem only goes away when Peter steps in to offer the teacher and the principal some board seats. We are reminded, again, that problems can go away when you’re wealthy and influential. Still, I’ll be glad when Alicia doesn’t need Peter to step in for her, ever.

The showrunners are still trying to make Alicia/Finn a thing, which leads to a romantic dimly-lit dinner of…pancakes? Alicia asks him to track down the only other living witness for Cary’s case, but Finn refuses, saying he can’t say anything. But then he hands over a nice collection of surveillance photos from Lemond Bishop’s house.

Kalinda takes the photos directly to Bishop, and she insinuates that the photos of known drug dealers frequently visiting his cozy abode will be enough for child services to take his son away. Enraged (in a calm and terrifying way), he sends her away; lo and behold, the last witness shows up in court to testify. Except Bishop shows up too, so the witness lies on the stand, further implicating Cary, who’s looking at a plea deal of two years served.

Bishop approaches Cary outside the courthouse, offering to help him escape to Barcelona to be a European contact for the drug trade. Tempting though this deal is, Cary pleads guilty in the last moments of the episode.

Will he survive two years in prison?

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