News in Asia Is Attending Summits

Much of this week’s news focuses on the meeting of world leaders in Asia and Australia for the G20 Summit. There is other news going on, but that’s what’s dominating the headlines.

President Obama went into the G20 Summit touting America’s growing economy; meanwhile, European and Asian economies are experiencing falling unemployment. We will all just ignore the fact that wages aren’t keeping up with the cost of living in the US, a generation is being crushed by student loan debt, and a strong stock market only helps the one percent, okay?

But here’s pictures of world leaders holding koalas to make you forget your sorry state in life!

While in China, Obama and Chinese leader Xi Jinping reached an agreement to curb climate change, which is actually kind of a big deal for the world’s two greatest producers of carbon emissions. The move was met with applause from many; of course, the US Republican party bitched about how climate change isn’t real.

President Obama also made a trip to Myanmar, but instead of meeting with the official military government, he met with opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi at the home where she spent years under house arrest. The president and others have doubts about the democratic reforms supposedly taking place in the country. The meeting was also significant in that Obama specifically mentioned the persecution of the Muslim Rohingya, a people whose existence the Myanmar government denies.

Hackers for the Chinese government are accused of breaking into the computer networks of the United States Postal Service. I’m not sure this is what the writers of the movie Hackers were envisioning when they coined the phrase, “HACK THE PLANET!”

In seriously fucked up news, autopsies done on women who died at a “sterilization camp” in India found that tainted medications may be to blame and not unsanitary conditions. That in itself is tragic, but the fact that there are sterilization camps in the first place is incredibly fucked up.

The presence of the Islamic State might be increasing in Pakistan.

The ferry captain in the tragic Sewol sinking has been sentenced to 36 years in prison.

USAID gave 75 million to the Ministry of Finance in Afghanistan so that all employee salaries could be paid.

Finally, ending on a funny note, look at these koalas getting into a hissing match and just picture Putin and Obama as the koalas. (Putin also attended the G20 Summit.)

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