News in Asia is Going to a Summit

Hello unicorns! This weekend, the big news dominating headlines and airwaves is the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Summit. President Obama is going and there’s chatter about how he’ll be received after the mid-term elections.

Melissa Harris-Perry had a panel discussion on her show Sunday about the APEC Summit. The segments are worth watching (as most segments of #nerdland are; her show is becoming essential Sunday morning viewing).

She also tackles the move in Beijing to clean up the air ahead of the summit. The air pollution in much of China is no joke and will definitely be a part of discussions.

China and Japan have also decided to set aside the tensions that have arisen over the last few months ahead of the APEC Summit.

Protests in Hong Kong are still going and still demanding that Beijing let the people of the city choose their own candidates.

A suicide bomber outside of Kabul Police Headquarters killed a senior officer and injured six others.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi adopted a village and condemned the practice of female foeticide.  Well, that was nice.

India currently tops the list for content restriction requests on Facebook. The number of request are more than 5,000 and India is second to the US in requests to access users and account information.

Dozens of people were arrested in the death of a Christian couple in Pakistan.

North Korea has freed two American detainees.

The Philippines marked the one year anniversary of Typhoon Haiyan making landfall. An estimated 4 million people were displaced and many of them are still living in temporary shelters. Many who participated in remembrances said they felt “vicious abandonment” by the Filipino government and the international community.

Myanmar’s Aung San Suu Kyi cautions that reforms in her country have stalled and the West shouldn’t be so optimistic over the country’s progress.

Since I’ve shared some terrible news of the world, I leave you with exquisite dresses to drool over, courtesy of my favorite new Tumblr, “Global Fashions.”

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