News in Asia is Imitating Art

It may be that art is imitating life.

Protesters in Thailand have taken to flashing the three-fingered salute, the symbol of resistance in the Hunger Games. The theater chain Apex has suspended screenings of Mockingjay after five student protesters were arrested.

A 6.7 magnitude earthquake hit west of Nagano, Japan, causing more damage than initially reported. Since the earthquake was inland, there is no possibility of a tsunami.

Speaking of Japan, the prime minister decided to dissolve the lower house of the parliament in favor of “snap elections.” Apparently, it’s to set up a referendum of the PM’s economic stimulus plan.

Shortly after President Obama’s visit, the Myanmar military launched a deadly artillery strike against a rebel compound. According to statements, it was meant only as a warning.

Four suicide bombers with ties to the Taliban attempted an assault on Kabul’s green zone; however, no one but the bombers were killed.

Here is an insider’s account into the censorship of news and media in Pakistan.

In South Korea, the inclusion (or removal) of the story of Yu Gwansun, considered Korea’s Joan of Arc, is sparking a conversation on the use of textbooks to reinforce a nationalistic agenda in that country.

Also, the chief executive of the operator of the Sewol ferry was sentenced to 10 years in prison.

Oh hey, North Korea’s threatening global thermonuclear war again

China’s pissing other countries off again by encroaching on their territory; this time, it’s India.

Finally, because the news is awful, take a look at designers making beautiful things. This time, it’s Mongolian fashion designer Ochirjantsan Bold’s collection. Seriously, these designs are gorgeous.


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