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News in Europe: Gratuitous Goat Jokes

Greetings, citizens. What noise does a goat make? We’ll get to that later.

In Romania, last weekend’s presidential election ended with a surprise when Klaus Iohannis, the opposition leader, won with 54.5 percent of the votes. He is the first ethnic German to lead the country. Here’s an overview of German settlement in Romania. You learn something new every day.

After claiming that it had proof of Ukrainians shooting down Malaysia Airlines flight MH17, Russia now seems focused on being generally aggressive towards everyone. We are now worried about the Balkan countries.

OneEurope has just published an enlightening mini-series about the Ukraine conflict. Here are parts one, two, and three.

In the Czech Republic, demonstrations commemorating 25 years of the Velvet Revolution turned violent when attackers pelted the country’s president with eggs. Milos Zeman is seen as too sympathetic to Russia by many Czechs.

Pussy Riot are back, and here’s an interview.

Here’s your annual killer flu scare: A strain of highly contagious bird flu has been found in Dutch and British poultry farms. If we concentrate on Russia hard enough, it will probably go away.

Here’s an article on Yarl’s Wood detention centre, a horrible place that should not exist.

In good news this week, this happened: In Wunsiedel, Germany, a charity found a way to make the most of the annual march of Neo-Nazis through the town. It’s genius.

And now for those bleats: Let’s hear it for poor Gabriella Goat, who is suing Peppa Pig. Quick, somebody come up with a pun!

See you next week!


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