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News in Europe: Putin in Mayonnaise

Citizens, there’s a ghost haunting the corridors of Westminster. A demented, racist ghost with delusions of grandeur.

Yes, it’s Ukip, and they have just won another by-election. I’m starting to think that the good people of Britain have lost their minds. This is a party that literally doesn’t know what it’s doing. The only thing they’re good at is scaring established politicians left, right, and centre until they all speak the same confused language. Here’s a takedown that bears repeating every time a politician opens their mouth these days. I especially like this bit of simple reasoning: There won’t be 29 million Romanians coming to the UK, because there aren’t 29 million jobs. Easy.

If you are, like me, wondering about the legal limits of such blatant anti-immigration policies, here’s an excellent article about that.

Here’s a summary of everything that’s happened in Ukraine in the last year.

Vladimir Putin has a ten-year plan. Good man. That should be enough time for his pan-Russian empire. He’s starting with Abkhazia.

Turkish president Erdogan hates women, and he’s not afraid to say so.

Spanish police have arrested several priests in connection with pedophilia claims.

In Greece, Syrian refugees have been peacefully protesting for their right of asylum in the EU.

Not as peacefully, protesters in France have clashed with police after a young activist was killed by a police grenade.

The Kunstmuseum Bern in Switzerland has accepted pieces from a collection of art looted by the Nazis. It had surfaced a few months ago, and there has been much discussion about ownership since. Here’s an article defending the decisions made in Bern.

The EU parliament will vote on the break-up of Google and other Internet firms.

The Duchess of Alba, one of the more eccentric royals we have in Europe, has died aged 88.

And now for the fun bits. Reindeer are better than people, that we know. But did you know that Russian reindeer are better than policemen?

Also, did we know that Russians are obsessed with mayonnaise? The Guardian thinks so.

And now that I have implanted the picture of Vladimir coated in mayo in your minds, have a look at this. Genius.

Until next week, happy Thanksgiving! Eat all the crackers and condiments!

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