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Happy post-Halloween hangover! Have you lost any of your favs to problematic Halloween costumes? Have you gained any new favs? Let’s jump right in!

Regina Spektor was dressed up like a geisha for Halloween and then got very defensive when she was called out. Maybe now every romcom will stop using “Us” for their trailer.  Also in the casually racist Halloween camp for 2014, Scott Disick and Ellie Goulding.

Music’s power family were music royalty for Halloween with Beyoncé as Janet Jackson and Blue Ivy as Michael Jackson. For added cuteness, they were also Frida Kahlo, Basquiat and Picasso Baby.

You know how media has crowned the likes of Emma Watson and Benedict Cumberbatch the new faces of (palatable, white, upper class, British) feminism? Well, you know what my, and ostensibly all, feminism does not look like? Sweatshop labor and exploitation of female laborers.

Speaking of certain types of white feminism, you know that viral video about street harassment and catcalling? Yeah, well, it looks like some liberties were taken with the editing that unfairly demonizes black and Latino men.

And on the heels of that video, Twitter user @CruzanChoklate took on the issue of street harassment being brushed aside by black men by comparing police harassment and street harassment. You can read the whole story here. She continually points out how black women will go to bat for black men, but the same can’t be said when street harassment is brought up. Her mentions speak for themselves.

Elon James White has started the hashtag #DudesGreetingDudes on Twitter highlighting how ridiculous the excuse that street harassment is just a simple greeting or compliment. Please go read it. It’s a good time.

Just a reminder that Ferguson protests are still going strong, despite frost warnings in the area and continued violations of their rights. Similarly, the police are preparing for continued protests by upgrading their riot gear, something I’m sure didn’t happen this past week in San Francisco.

Jesse Williams continues to use his platform to promote their cause and has even gone on an excellent Twitter rant condemning the Ferguson police and anyone planning on dressing up as a “topical” Halloween costume.

In an article in The New York Times, officers in Ferguson report “that they live as though someone out there intends to do them harm.” Probably how most people of color in Ferguson feel.

In other terrible people news, there are actually people who complain about kids from the “poor side of town” going to wealthier neighborhoods for candy. Dear Prudence over at Slate shuts that down.

Not to be left behind, Marvel tries to up their Diversity game and announces dreamboat Chadwick Boseman as Black Panther.

Poster mockup for Black Panther
Black Panther concept art by Ryan Meinerding

We’re still many years away from seeing Wakanda in all its glory, but not too soon for the “reverse racists” accusers to start complaining about the character. There is also the whole, let’s not get too excited about the one movie and keep fighting for better, more inclusive representation.

Raven-Symoné defends her statements about being American on Facebook. Hint: it’s still messy.

The Daily Show had a segment on Latino immigration mostly focusing on the debate over illegal immigration from Mexico to the US. The segment proved that truth is, in fact, weirder than fiction in the ways white Texans interpret immigration.

And speaking of immigration, a survey by the New York Civil Liberties Union has revealed that many schools in New York state demand information about the immigration status of incoming students, in a possible violation of federal law. The results of this survey are very similar to one conducted in 2010, and the NYCLU says the state’s Education Department has been slow to address it.

If you still can’t understand the problem with fetishizing an entire culture, let douchemaster extraordinaire Julien Blanc explain it. In a truly disgusting video (warning: video might be triggering for sexual assault/harassment), watch him explain to a bunch of other douchebags how to accost Japanese women in Japan. The fact that they clap as he describes forcing the women to his crotch creeps me out.  I feel so gross after watching it.

I’ll try to end this on a happier note, with the rumor that Beyoncé may be about to drop a new album. It may just be a rumor, but we can only hope.

And just for kicks, here’s Ice Cube and Elmo being astounded!

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