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This Weekend Open Thread Wants Your Comic Book Recommendations

Tell me what to do.

Recommend comics to me! I’ve read The Watchmen, Maus, Ms. Marvel, and a few old Avengers issues. Plus I’m currently working on Persepolis. What’s out there and good that I might not have heard of?

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Transmetropolitan. There are quite a few sad story lines, such as the cryogenically frozen woman who goes into serious culture shock, and the independent child prostitutes. But the lead of the comic is an angry journalist who fights (often physically) to help the downtrodden. There’s a bit where he beats the crap out of a jerkass former friend with “the chair leg of truth”, and he’s gone head-to-head with several of the politicos in that universe, threatening one with a “bowel disruptor” which has multiple settings for intensity.

Ultraviolence in a future dystopia with very-well-placed comic relief.

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