Weekly Anime Review

Psycho-Pass had its psycho episode with the fourth one. I’m sure my hue is clouded after watching that. Argevollen had more Sturm vs Arge. Sword Art Online is back to a proper MMORPG. G no Reconguista is now fighting in space, while Fate/Stay featured fights in a cemetery. The final touch: Shingeki was not done with the zombies. I love Rita.

Argevollen, Ep 17

So the Brigadier General is totally using the two corporations who make the Sturm Alpha and the Arge to make this war his own testing ground. What an ass.

There was an another Arge/Sturm fight in this episode that featured two energetic man-machines hitting each other. Susume won, sorta, in the end. I’m saying sorta because he didn’t seem that much “alive” in his machine at the end.

Arge defeating Sturm
Pretty lens flare…

There was also a new opening sequence this episode, much better than the first one.

Sword Art Online II, Ep 16

Oversized bosses with bloated HP and ridiculous defenses! Just like MMORPGs. There is even an enraged mechanic at a certain HP level.

Kirito is still overpowered, and I’m sure the fight against the Frost Giant King is going to be totally ridiculous next week. Of course, the fight ended right when it was starting.

Gundam: G no Reconguista, Ep 6

Well, some space fighting.

Looks like the Capital Army is expanding and taking over the Under Nut. They even send Dellensen, Bellri’s cadet instructor, in space with another Elf Bull.

The G-Self was equipped with a new system that converts beams into energy. It was rather effective in the space fight. It also resulted in Bellri killing his instructor.

His mother is also getting pissed off at the Capital Army. I get the feeling she’s not going to survive this show.

Shingeki no Bahamut: Genesis, Ep 4

Favaro doesn’t know how to get to Hellheim. Oh dear. He had to go in a ship called the Celephales with a captain he knows personally called Amon. There is something creepy going on here.

Looks like Favaro used to be in a thieving gang and his dad was the leader. We also learned about Kaisar and Favaro. They were childhood friends and Favaro’s last job was stealing the King’s tribute that got Kaisar’s dad  killed. Ouch.

Although, the story doesn’t end there. It appears that the King’s tribute was hiding a demon and it killed everyone except for Amon. This includes Favaro’s dad. That’s interesting. Why would a demon be hiding there? The answer is that the demon made a deal with Amon to get everyone killed. Including Kaisar’s dad. Backstabbing FTW!

Rita is awesome. Zombie crew FTW! The next episode should be interesting with the inverted parties (Amira with Kaisar and Favaro with Rita).

A picture of a zombie crew manning a boat.
Zombie crew!

Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works, Ep 3

Shirou doesn’t like being told to run.

Berserker is really cool, what with his crazy stats, regeneration and skills. Illya is cute, deadly cute.

The entire episode was Saber+Archer vs. Berserker and it wasn’t boring. There was also a bit of Rin vs. Illya and Kirei talking to a blonde dude. I know who the blonde due is, but they haven’t said his name yet in the show.

Psycho-Pass 2, Ep 4

This was a brutal episode.

Looks like Kamui is doing some experiments with Dominator. This time he used a dude who was questionable to see if inspector can be judged by Dominators. When I say questionable, this beats the macabre high school student from the first season.

Mika is a total idiot. The girl is so scared of making a mistake that she makes thousands of them. No surprise she’s still a junior inspector. Akane is making great strides in understanding Kamui despite everyone thinking she’s crazy. She’s not quite sure what the plan is, but she knows that he was doing experiments at least.

I really liked Kamui wondering, “Sibyl, what color are you?” I don’t think he’s going to like the answer.

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