Weekly Anime Review

Argevollen, Sword Art Online, and Shingeki No Bahamut had slow episodes without a lot of action this week. The episodes were character driven more than anything. In contrast, Gundam, Psycho-Pass, and Fate/Night had plenty of action.

Argevollen, Ep 19

So the Pherphevollen are meant to be used with a commander Unit, and they look exactly like the ones Reika used. They’re all about making the Captain pilot it by abusing his emotions. Brigadier General Cayenne is just evil.

Seems like Iglemia wants to sign a peace treaty with Arandas, but Cayenne wants to continue the war to get back the lost territory. He wants Unit 8 to do all the work, of course. Unit 8 XO might not be happy about it. She also sleeps with the Captain…finally.

On his side, Susume might be close to controlling Arge from outside of the cockpit. He had some scary visions during this episode.

Sword Art Online II, Ep 18

In this episode, we get a new arc called Mother’s Rosario. It’s an Asuna-focused arc for once. It starts with Asuna finding her home from SAO on floor 22 of New Ancraid in ALO.

She is super happy about this because for her, it’s her real home. The story then moved to a guy nicknamed Zekken who duels people in ALO. He is apparently so good that even Kirito lost to him.

Gundam: G no Reconguista, Ep 8

So the dudes in space building batteries for the people on Earth have expanded in the last year; America is sure they will attack Earth and Capital Tower soon.

We meet Aida’s father and Bellri’s mom. The two parents know each other, and they are more or less at the top of their respective side. I’m not sure where this is going because the explanations are kind of jumping around a bit too much.

Also, the G-Self turned pink. LOL.

An image of Pink G-Self catching his mom.
Pink G-Self catching his mom

Shingeki no Bahamut: Genesis, Ep 6

We got a few revelations this episode. The gang got captured by Jeanne and her Knights and brought to the holy city.

The knight with the same pendant as Amira finally made his move. We meet the person who probably sent Amira to Hellheim too; he’s a demon called Martinet. Charming name.

I’m kind of hoping that Jeanne joins the gang. She’s got OP anti-demon skills and I get the feeling the King is a bit jealous.

A picture of an anime woman facing away, captioned "Seriously?!"
Rita is still the best

Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works, Ep 5

Hello new servant who trashed Shirou’s ass really well. Although, he was a badass by diverting that hit in his arm to avoid Rin getting killed. Most have hurt like hell.

The rest was a lot of dialog between Rin and Shirou about things. Their relationship is off to a good start. Rin tried to kill him, but decided to team up with him in the end.

Psycho-Pass 2, Ep 6

So many dead enforcers and inspectors. In fact, I think that only Akane and Mika are left and Mika is totally useless…and has to deal with an area wide group pollution clouded hue problem.

Looks like Kamui is just trying to show the weakness of the Sibyl system. It’s both nasty and kind of needed. Akane also has a problem; she didn’t want people to get clouded, so she stopped Togane from shooting him and Shisui.

Speaking of Togane, he’s been keeping track of Akane’s psycho-pass level everyday, and he wants to color it black. Ahahahaha. He’s so going to use Mika to achieve that.

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